Some New Skincare Additions..


I’m all about skincare these days, I’m always looking for the perfect lotion and potions to magically transform my skin. Of course I know that there’s nothing out there that’s going to make me never have a spot ever again, but hey a girl can try. This winter, my skin has been quite on the dry side. This has meant I have needed a bit of a skincare shake up. I’ve been swapping my mattfying products for radiance inducing ones. This means I’ve been thrown into looking at different products and brands, and obviously looking for new products that won’t break me out either. Anyways I have a couple of new skincare additions that seem to be slotting in quite well to my skincare puzzle.

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil: I decided I needed a oil of sorts in my skincare routine for my extremely dry and drab skin days. Sometimes you need something a little more than a run of the mill moisturiser. So after stalking looking at Caroline Hiron’s instagram, I saw she posted a picture of this oil saying it was good for putting over spots. I was sold, I needed something that was good for adding radiance and something good for spots too. I decided to look on Look Fantastic and in the end of their Christmas sale, they had a Radiance kit which was reduced to a mere £10. In there was a plethora of samples from the Balance Me range which I’m working my way through. I’ve been using this oil for a good three/four weeks now, I use it a couple of times a week and I’m really liking it so far. No breakouts to report and my skin always feels a bit more plump and moisturised in the morning. I’ll keep you updated on this one, but I can tell it won’t be long till I’m buying the full size version of this!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo*: Ah Effaclar Duo, this has gained cult status lately. I’ve read on Twitter about Boots being constantly sold out after many beauty bloggers singing Duo’s praises. I remember using this last year when I had a slight obsession with La Roche Posay. I’ve been giving it another go in the past few weeks and I like it. It hasn’t made a noticeable difference yet, I see it as a long term spot solution. It’s not going to make your spots disappear over night but I think if used over time it will help. I’ll keep going with this one and I’ll let you know my verdict in a couple of months or so.

Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream: This little moisturiser also came with the kit I got the Radiance Face Oil in, so far I’m loving it. It’s a rich creamy moisturiser that adds some much needed life into my skin. It hasn’t broke me out and I really enjoy slathering it all over my face for a much needed treat. Again this might just have to be bought in a full size tube. Damn Balance Me, you’re killing my bank balance!!

So there’s a few new additions to my skincare routine, I’ve got my eye on a few more things I want, including a eye cream. Enough is enough of these eye bags! Any recommendations would be very welcome! Also any quick spot remedy products would be welcome I’ve run out of my Origins one and feel there could be better out there? Let me know anyways 🙂 I hope you’re all having a great weekend 🙂

*PR samples