The Hat.


Okay so I’m pretty sure you all know of my love for Millie Mackintosh. I say love, it’s more bordering on obsession. The girl is my make up and fashion icon and can do no wrong in my eyes. Though anyone who slaps Spencer Matthews so hard, his hair moves can do no wrong. However Millie in the latest season of Made in Chelsea, basically wore a hat in every scene she was in. This meant that inevitably I was going to get a hat, even though I always swore ‘ I wasn’t a hat person!’ Oh how times have changed. A year or so ago, I’d of said bowler hats were reserved for Charlie Chaplin tribute acts or Boy George. But now thanks to miss Millie Mack I am now the proud owner of a bowler hat, oh and a beanie bobble hat too.

One of the reasons why I always swore against hats, were cause I was positive they didn’t suit me. However I may of been turned. My boyfriend got me a bowler hat from H&M after hearing me going on about one for a good few weeks. He roused me by saying it looked stupid when I’d tried one on the week before, either he said that so I didn’t buy it or did in fact find it stupid but ran out of Christmas present ideas.. I guess we’ll never know.

Me wearing my hat.. apologies for the slightly blurry second picture!

I’m still getting used to this whole hat malarkey, I can’t decide if I do indeed rock them but hey I’m giving it a try! I feel that they help to liven up a boring outfit and my bobble beanie hat doesn’t half keep your head warm. I obviously can’t look that bad as when I was wearing my bobble hat in a train station in London a guy approached me asking for ‘directions to my heart.’ LOL. I have learnt though wearing a hat whilst waiting for the tube isn’t a great idea.. I literally had to hold onto my hat for dear life.

I got my hat from H&M but you can also get them from places such as Topshop or Ebay! So are you dipping your toe or should I say head in to the whole hat trend? One thing I have to say is though, unfortunately popping on a hat doesn’t magically transform me in to Millie Mackintosh 🙁