Things I really want #2


The other day I was in the co op and I had a ‘feeling.’ I had a feeling to buy a lottery ticket. You know you just have the need to do something? I just knew if I bought a lottery ticket, I’d win some money. I was dreaming of 7 million pound mansions over looking the sea with a indoor pool, a dock for a jetty and ten bedrooms. Then I was thinking of how I could set up my own make up line where all blushers would be peach based and all eye shadows would be neutral. Then I was awoken by my daydreams when the cashier asked if I was over 16. HELLO I’M 21 AND A HALF. Anyways a few days later, I checked my lottery numbers and I think I got like one number. My dreams of the mansion and make up empire were pushed away and obviously that ‘feeling’ I had might of just been a dodgy chocolate croissant that I’d had for breakfast. So due to my lack of millions, my beauty wish list that I’ve been eyeing up the past couple of weeks may have to remain as a wish list.. Anyways here’s what I’m coveting..

Beautysets - beauty wishlist

Nars Tinted Moisturiser: I don’t need another foundation/tinted moisturiser but I sure as hell want this bad boy. I have a need for a new tinted moisturiser (don’t ask me why) but I’m feeling the Nars one. It may be because Millie Mac has this and her skin always looks amazing. I still have a John Lewis voucher floating about so maybe I could spend it on that…before my boyfriend decides he actually wants his voucher back for a window vacuum. Yes that does exist.

Clarins Eye Make Up Remover: I like my eye make up, I really do. But I don’t like taking it off, it never seems to all come off and by morning I always look a little panda like. I’ve heard good things about this eye make up remover on different blogs so I’m tempted to try it out.

Clarins Brightening Toner: Another Clarins product, I’m basically out of my Ren toner so I need a new one. Caroline Hirons raves about this toner and well we all know what ever Caroline Hirons recommends.. we buy.

L’oreal Professional Mythic Oil: This is a favourite of mine and I was so sad when it ran out. However I need to re purchase but keep thinking ‘ use all the other oily things you have Corrie..’ I want it though, I read somewhere that the new L’oreal extraordinary oil or something, the new one in Boots is a dupe. If anyone has any thoughts on this, let me know!

Stila Convertible Colour Dual Lip and Cheek Colour: I’ve been after a new blush product for a little while and I feel this Stila one may be just the ticket. It’s the colour Gerbera I’m after and I totally blame Milly for making me lust after this dewy peachy cheek product.

So there we go, my current wants. Who knows I may be good and keep them on a wishlist or I may be naughty and buy the whole lot. Mwahahahah. Oh I forgot one last thing, this little monkey is top of my wishlist. 😉