What’s In Your Pocket? Meet my new babies…


So we’ve all been there, you put on a pair of jeans or a coat you haven’t worn in a while and find some spare cash in the pocket. It’s one of those amazing moments, that can genuinely make your day. It can turn your frown upside down. Usually I get excited at finding a pound.. I’m a easily pleased lady. But imagine finding £20? I know, it’d probably make my month. Recently I was contacted by Money Supermarket who asked if I wanted to take part in their What’s in your pocket challenge. Money Supermarket know how good finding some unexpected cash can be and set up a little experiment in a dry cleaners and told customers they’d left £20 in their pocket by mistake and hidden cameras filmed their reactions. Sometimes life can be a little grey, I’ve been having serious January/Feburary blues. A mixture of working all the time, having no money and the general cold weather got me feeling a little blue. So when Money Supermarket said ‘here’s £20 to spend on whatever you want..’ it definitely wiped away some of those blues. There’s a few of us bloggers who are taking part in this challenge, and whoever’s purchase Money Supermarket likes the most, they’ll win £200. So shall we see what I spent my £20 on? Okay then..it begins with a Z and ends in a A.

The Zara City Bag

The Zara Studded Ankle Boots 

So there’s no secret I’m a shopaholic. I’m like a real life Rebecca Bloomwood but I don’t have any store cards (high five to me) I mean for gods sake, I’m a personal shopper. I get paid to shop. However now that I’m getting older and well I act like a 80 year old, I’m trying to be more careful with my money. Student Finance no longer drop bundles of joy into my bank account, which means I’ve become a bit more careful with my money. I really want a puppy and a bigger flat and well they don’t pay for themselves. However now and then I need to spend some money, I need to get it out of my system. I was browsing Zara’s app on my Ipad.. (which is never a good idea) and came across a beautiful handbag and a gorgeous pair of boots. I decided I needed them both in my life. I resisted until God told me to buy the items. Let me tell you how.

My Zara shopper bag is a great summer bag, but with it having no zips it’s one: a pickpockets dream and two: a nightmare when it rains. And if you live in the UK, you will know it rains.. a lot. So I swapped back to my Marc B bag, but then the zip broke. Aha back to square one. So then I turned to my beloved Faux Mulberry Alexa and one day I was walking to work and BAM. It broke. The strap snapped off, it was one of those moments where I wondered if Sabrina the Teenage witch was hiding round a tree pointing her finger at me. Alright Sabrina, I’m sorry that I used to fancy Harvey when I was like seven. But seriously it was freaky. So then I had to turn to a crappy Primark bag, then the fastening broke on that. I mean that’s three bags which broke, if that’s not a sign from God telling me to buy the new Zara City Bag then I don’t know what is. So the bag was added to my basket. It’s a gorgeous Prada lookalike with a million compartments. It’s amazing and my new baby. Some have complained about the zips being stiff, I have had no problems with any stiffness (snigger..) But my Zara order didn’t end there. I decided I needed new boots and these studded bad boys were added to my shoedrobe. They’re three inches high which means I am a average height in them, I feel like Cara Delevingne or something. I also love them, when I unwrapped them, I almost kissed them. But then I thought ‘hmmm that’s a little weird.’

So I put my £20 towards my new loves. A handbag and a pair of shoes. The way to any girls heart. I am most pleased with my purchases, and even though £20 didn’t cover the whole amount, it sure helped take the sting of clicking that ‘Pay Now’ button. Some may find it a shallow way to spend £20 but I think it was a very good way to. I mean who can have January/February blues when you’ve got twinkly boots and a designer lookalike handbag? They’re the new loves of my life and don’t tell me that my make up looks like it’s been slapped on with a trowl like my boyfriend does 😉