Battle of the drugstore concealers..


We all love a bargain right? Well I know I do, just call me David Dickinson ( well we do have the same tan almost.) I’m always looking for a good buy and my weekly Tesco shop is usually full of random things.. my boyfriend will ask ‘why have we got a pack of 100 kit kats?’ ‘ errr well cause it was on offer..’ you get my drift. One thing I’m always looking for is make up products that don’t break the purse strings.. lately I’ve become a bit of a high end make up girl. Sorry Boots but your counters don’t make my heart swoon like the ones of a department store. Now that I’m not a student.. I’ve almost not been a student for a year.. I can indulge in a luxury item now and then. After all I work hard for money,  my fellow retail workers will know how hard retail can be. But you know it’s still nice to find a product that doesn’t cost half a days wages. So today I’m going to be testing out some drugstore concealers and seeing whether they’re worth buying on your lunch break. I’m going to be Ulrika Johnson and make these concealers become gladiators. Grab your foam fingers ladies and gentlemen..

Concealer Swatches: L-R Miss Sporty, Maybelline 24 hour super stay, Collection Lasting Perfection and Rimmel Wake Me Up..

After using these four concealers for a while, I’ve decided I will test them on two areas. My eye bags and spots. They’re the two main enemies for concealers. Concealer must cover them to be seen as worthy and I’ve given these four concealers a good old road test. So what four concealers have I been testing? Welcome to the arena.. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Concealer and Miss Sporty’s Liquid Concealer*. They are all very similar in packaging, a tube with a spongy applicator. They’re all liquid formula and are all under a tenner. The shades vary from Light to medium depending on where I usually use them. So concealers may the odds be in your favour. (Gladiators and Hunger Games references? I am on fire..)

The Eye Bag Challenge: 

For this heat, the concealers must be able to conceal and brighten dark eye bags caused by late nights of stalking Tumblr for new Eleanor Calder pictures. I have a girl crush okay?

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer: this drugstore concealer is a part of the Wake me up range from Rimmel. It boasts anti fatigue properties and gives you a radiant glow. Like you can see from the swatches above, this concealer is the peachiest colour out of the lot. I don’t know the shade of it as the name has rubbed off. but I would imagine it would be the second shade. A peachy based concealer is perfect for under your eyes as the peach helps to to counteract the dark circles. This then makes your eyes brighter. I love this concealer and it’s one I carry in my handbag to help awaken my eyes throughout the day. From looking at the picture above, it really shows just how well it works.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer: this concealer has very high praise from many beauty bloggers  and I’m sure you probably have a tube of this lying around somewhere. This is under £5 and is a great little concealer. I like to use it under my eyes and as you can see it does a pretty good job. I also really like this concealer for spots as it’s pretty high coverage and lasts all day. I buff it in with my Real Techniques buffing brush and it does a pretty fine job.

Maybelline 24 Hour Super stay Concealer: This is another good concealer for spots and blemishes. It’s again quite high coverage and with this in mind, the shade I have is a bit darker than the others as it’s mainly used for my face. I think it does a pretty good job still under the eyes but I prefer to use it on my face.

Miss Sporty: Liquid Concealer*: ah we all remember Miss Sporty right? I remember using it when I was like 13, but the brand has a bit of a face lift and this Liquid Concealer is one of their best sellers. It again will leave you with change from a fiver and is pretty darn good. I found that it wasn’t as good as couple of the other concealers but I think it still does a pretty good job. It’s also pretty good for spots, but more for a good skin day as I don’t think it can quite cope with really bad skin days.

Now I was going to do a spot covering challenge too, but then I thought that might be a bit too ghastly for some of you! You see the thing is, I mainly use my Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Foundation to cover any spots and that’s so ruddy good, nothing really compares. So under eye concealing is a main priority for me. From looking at the pictures, I think they’ve all done a pretty good job. But now it’s time for me to get my game face on, look at the action replays and crown my drugstore concealer winner… * drum roll* So my winner for under eye concealing goes to Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. It’s peachy undertone is something that a high end concealer would brag about and whenever I use it, I find it brightens my under eye bags the most. Spot concealing.. the winner is Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is a good high coverage concealer that I’ve been known to use on mediocre skin days instead of Estee Lauder maximum cover. It’s a great concealer and I have to say I’m about to repurchase my umpteen tube of the stuff. Commiserations to Miss Sporty and Maybelline.. you have been worthy contestants, but you get to go home with a Dizzybrunette3 mug.

So there we have it.. the battle is over. For now I think my high end concealer wanting has been brushed away. With so many good concealers out there for less who needs a empty purse? If you want me, I’ll be in Boots looking for other drugstore gems!! Hope you’ve all had a great week, I’m off to go see Justin Bieber tonight (please don’t hate me) and I can’t wait!! Though he better not be two hours late or he will have me to deal with. Yeah that’s right.. you have been warned Biebs.