Easter weekend outfit inspiration


Easter weekend is upon us (already) and usually the weekend can be full of events to go to. Easter is usually quite a family affair for some, or it can just be a weekend of eating lots of chocolate and watching films. For me, I’m not seeing my family till next week and Easter Sunday will be my only day off.  Damn working in retail, but I thought that I would put my personal shopper knowledge to good use and provide a few look books for the Easter weekend.

Easter Weekend Night Out

easter weekend night out

Topshop Dress 
Miss Selfridge biker jacket
 / Zara lining shoes,
/ Studded handbag
Zara necklace,
 / MAC Cosmetics lipstick
 / Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers
/ Xen Tan beauty product /  

Easter weekend usually holds a night out on the cards, it’s usually a time when everyone’s back home from uni, work etc and it’s the perfect time to get your glad rags on and catch up. Like I mentioned, I’m not going back home this weekend, but if I was, I would probably head out for some drinks with some of my old college friends. If you’re heading out this Easter weekend, then why not brighten up your outfit? I love this orange shift dress from Topshop, orange looks amazing with a tan hence the Xen Tan Moroccan Tan. Of course orange isn’t for everyone, but you’d be surprised how many people it suits. Pair this with a statement necklace, this one from Zara is a beaut and then team with black accessories. Seeing as it’s still like being in Siberia outside, pop on a black biker jacket, Miss Selfridge is always my first port of call for faux leather jackets on the high street. Team with some chic black heels, these Zara ones mean business and a clutch such as this studded one from New Look. Beauty wise, a smokey eye and nude lip would look amazing with this, let the dress do the talking, you don’t want to be too matchy. MAC Shy Girl would be an amazing nude with a peach twist which does tie in the  orange theme. Finally any night out look needs to be teamed with big hair, I’ve added my favourites the Enrapture Extremity Heated rollers. With this outfit you’d look glam whilst catching up with friends, after all we all want to look a hottie when seeing old friends 😉 

Easter Sunday Lunch with the family..

easter weekend outfit one

Zara shirt, / 

Dorothy Perkins blazer,  

Topshop Leigh Jeans 

Zara boots,

Zara zipper bag,

Dorothy Perkins  bead jewelry,

Models Own – Fruit Pastel Box Set 

Rare London Roll Bowler Hat / /

Easter Sunday is a day for eating. Like Christmas it’s a day to pig out on roast dinner and well lots of chocolate. If you’re going round for a family Easter dinner, or even worse maybe your partner’s families, it can be tricky deciding what to wear. Do you go casual? Do you dress up? People have different perceptions of how to dress for different events, but I always think you should at least make a little effort. This outfit I’ve outlined above is basically my uniform and fail safe outfit that always fits into every occasion. The jeans I’ve picked are from Topshop, the leigh jeans are a favourite of mine, they’re super soft so will be really comfy which is what you want when eating a big roast dinner. Next is this gorgeous printed blouse from Zara, I love the print of this, it slightly reminds me of 101 Dalmatians but you could team it with loads of different things. Depending on how casual it will be, you could just throw on a black cardi on top ( still remembering it’s cold outside) or throw on a blazer like the one I’ve shown above. I have the motto of ‘if in doubt wear a blazer.’ All of those items look nice but aren’t too dressy, after all you don’t want to look like Kate Middleton sitting round the Royle Family table if you get what I mean? Finally you could just pair the outfit with a pair of ankle boots, I’ve included my current ones from Zara which are amazing! If you’re going out for lunch, you could even pop on a hat to add a little something, and then obviously a handbag. I’ve added this neon one from Zara to add a splash of colour. Finally a statement necklace around a un done collar looks really relaxed and don’t forget to adorn your nails in Easter pastel colours 🙂 

Family Walk In Country

easter weekend walk

Topshop short shirt,  / 

Topshop cotton blouse,  

Topshop black jeans,  / 


Dorothy Perkins Necklace

 French Connection wool floppy hat,  / 

Topshop printed scarve

Gosh I tell you what, nothing installs fear into me more than the words ‘a walk in the country.’ Even though I grew up in the country, I am not a country girl. I don’t like mud, I don’t like smells and I don’t like wearing slobby unfashionable clothes. So if this is sounding familiar to yourself, help may be at hand if you’re heading out on a walk this weekend. Now the thing is, you want to be practical and you want to look nice. Now some people seem to think this isn’t possible, I’m here to prove those people wrong. First of all some black jeans are your friend, these topshop Leigh ones are really soft and are basically leggings minus the camel toe. Also if you get some mud on you then they will hide it pretty well. They’re skinny so you can tuck them into your wellies.. these pretty Joules ones make me want to go on a walk just to use them. Next is time for a jumper, like I said it’s still really cold out there so you’re going to want to keep warm, this orange jumper from Topshop adds a splash of colour to your outfit, team with a shirt underneath it and have the collar poking out for a fashionable twist. I love layering items and currently my favourite look is a shirt under a jumper, you could then also add a necklace to glam the look up. You’re going to want your coat over the top and maybe even a snood. If you want to channel Millie Mack, throw on a hat, not only will you look very Chelsea but it’ll keep your head warm too. That my friends is a double win situation. Finally it’s pretty darn cold out there, so you’re going to want some gloves, my pick are some £1.50 touchscreen ones from Primark, touchscreen so when you walk into area with 3G you can take a sneaky picture to put on Instagram. 

So there we have it, my three outfit ideas for Easter weekend. It’s been fun doing this as like I said I will be working, so Easter Sunday my outfit will probably consist of my onesie. Glam. I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend and enjoy your time off work/college/uni/school.