Spring Pay Day Wishlist


Last pay day seems to of been ages ago, in fact I can barely remember it. Boo. Thankfully pay day for me is the end of this week, and in anticipation to finally getting some money, I’ve been making a little wish list of what I want to buy. I usually am quite good with my money, back in my student loan days I would have weekly Primark spree’s now I’m older and probably not so much wiser. I like to save a lot of my money, I don’t really know what for, but at some point in the future my boyfriend and I would like a house, complete with a blogging/dressing room! Oh and a puppy, but now and then it’s nice to have a little splurge on yourself. So here’s what I’m coveting this payday….

spring pay day wishlist

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint: ah god damn it, blogger hype has got to me yet again. You all know I love my dewy foundations, so to be wanting a matte one is a turn up for the books. However my skin has started to get oilier lately, so I think that it might be better to go for the matte version so I don’t look like a greasy smeasy by the end of the day. After all I can always add a little of highlight to glow my foundation up.

Keyvn Aucion: The Celestial Powder: Talking about highlighters, this is one I am desperate to add to my collection. It’s reported to be subtle and makes your skin look like it’s glowing from within. I don’t know about you, but this could be the perfect highlighter that I have been looking for. I love my Dior Amber Diamond but sometimes for the day it can be a bit too much. However just as I was about to add this to my basket on Space NK, it sells out. Please get more stock in soon….* it seems Space NK have heard my wishes.. it’s back in stock!

Kevyn Aucion: Scuplting Powder: I am definitely the owner of a baby face. The amount of times that I have been ID’d for a lottery ticket or asked if this is my first ever job at work.. guys I’m almost 22! So with this in mind, I’m hoping this sculpting powder can add some much needed cheekbones to my face. Again this is sold out too…come on Space Nk! I’m sure once I finally get it, you won’t be able to tell me and Kim Kardashian apart.. well I mean in the face as obvz I’m not having a baby.

Topshop Joni Jeans: Ooh I do love a good high waist on a jean and the Joni jeans are the talk of the town. I love my Leigh jeans, but maybe it’s time to give Joni a go.

Trilogy Rose Hip Oil: I’m on a mission to get rid of the pigmentation/acne scars that are currently invading my cheeks and maybe Rosehip Oil may be  a new contender. Apparently Miranda Kerr uses this.. so maybe I’ll get it, start using it and then wake up looking like a Victoria’s Secret model. Hey a girl can dream.

Topshop Playsuit: Ooooh I love, love this playsuit. The colour is just beaut, I am thinking of getting it now and then wearing it all through the summer. Can you imagine it with a tan? Oooh la la. Also Frankie from the Saturday’s has been seen wearing this, this means I want it even more.

Dorothy Perkins Neon Tribal Necklace: I’ve seen this necklace in stores and love it! But the neon string makes me want it even more! I’m pretty sure this would look amazing with a multitude of things; tshirts, dresses, the playsuit above. The list is endless!

So there we have it, my wish list wants for this pay day. My bank balance is already crying a little bit. On the bright side if I buy all of this, imagine the haul video? That’s enough of a reason to buy them right?