The Blow Dry Edit..


Gosh blow drying your hair can be a bit of a bore can’t it? Esp if you’ve got long hair like me, usually I’ll be armed with my Ipad and scrolling through twitter with my one hand and the other wielding the hair dryer. Of course that’s the easy part of drying my hair, and it’s not just as simple as flicking the dryer on. Oh no. There’s all that pre drying prep that you need to do, sometimes this can take as long as the drying, but hey it’s worth it. Always remember no one wants their hair to look like Dougal’s from The Magic Roundabout. You all know I love big hair and my hair idols are Cheryl and Kate Middleton. Getting big bouncy locks isn’t a walk in the park though, but luckily after trying many products, I think I may of finally cracked the perfect hair drying essentials.

V05 Plump It Up Volumizing Spritz* First things first, after towel drying my hair, I spray a copious amount of this stuff on my hair. This spray is one of those all rounders, a heat protectant, and helps to create volume and thickness in your hair. I find it’s also great for detangling your hair too, which trust me when I get out of the shower, my hair is very tangly. I find that this spray helps to add body to my hair but doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky or crispy. I’ve been testing out the V05 Plump it up range for a while now, the shampoo and conditioner are also great to use when you need some extra volume in your hair. For extra big hair days, say you’re going out for a night out, and you want to rival actual Cheryl Cole, the mousse is great. Rub a 50p size amount into the roots of your hair and voila. Kate Middleton who?

L’oreal Elnett Styling Spray Volume: I’ve already spoke about the curls version of this pre hair styling spray. It’s like the hair spray before the style, whenever I use this I notice my hair style lasts so much longer, when I went to repurchase my second bottle, I opted for the volume one. I find that this is still great for curls but helps to add volume to your hair, that lasts all day. I wouldn’t be without this spray and find it really has helped the longevity of my hair styles.

Aldi Miracle Hair Oil*: Aha this looks familiar doesn’t it? 😉 When I ran out of both my Moroccan Oil and L’oreal Mythic Oil, I was distraught. However after looking through my supplies, I realised I still had Aldi’s version lying around. I have to say it’s a good little hair oil, leaves my hair feeling shiny and soft. Although the main aim of my hair care routine is for it to be voluminous, I also want it to be shiny, healthy and frizz free. Keep a look out in stores for this hair oil, as when it comes out, it goes very fast.

After my hair is dry, there is of course other products I use to keep my hair looking big. These products that I also use are the V05 Backcombing Spray which I picked up when I ran out of my v05 Dry shampoo* which was a damn good dry shampoo I tell ya. The backcomb spray is good, but not for everyday use, use this when you’re off on a night out or something. Although good, it’s one of those that feels a bit chalky/bitty in your hair. Ha yes I did just say bitty. It works though. Then also another favourite is Batiste dry shampoo, I’ve been using this Wild version lately, which I may of picked up just cause of the bottle… tumbleweed. But the smell is amazing, it’s pretty good though for making your hair super big. My beef with it though is the fact that it’s so grey!! Sometimes it’s hard to get all the grey out, which once lead to my boyfriend asking me round a crowded dinner table at Sunday Lunch ‘ Corrie why is your hair grey at the top?’ Could of killed him. Boys eh?? However there is one tool that you need in your life to achieve big hair, it’s a backcombing brush, it’s amazing. Mine is from ghd, but you can also pick them up from here and here.

The Finished effect…

Okay there we go, there’s what I use on my hair.. ooh also I forgot, I use these in conjunction with my Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers*. I love these rollers, but you all know that by now. If I could marry them I would. To see how I use them, you can see them in action on this video on youtube channel here. So there we go, how to get big bouncy hair. Damn just gave away all my secrets now! I am off now, I hope you’re all well 🙂 and I’ll leave you with my life motto.. Life is too short for flat hair.


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