The Boyfriend Tag..


Being a beauty blogger, it comes hand in hand with taking photos of yourself  (it’s for the make up.. I promise) and making videos. It means you’re very friendly with a camera. I’ve always been a bit of a poser but strangely enough all my family are quite the opposite. I once had the idea of vlogging Christmas Day, my Mum was mortified. My sister has been known to hide under a chair at a wedding to avoid having her photo taken… she was about three so we’ll let her off for that one. But no matter how much I asked, no one would feature in any videos with me. Well until now. I knew he would break one day and the other night my boyfriend Henry, agreed to do the Boyfriend Tag with me for Youtube. I love these kind of videos, they indulge my nosey nature and help you to get to know the blogger. After watching a few boyfriend tags, I compiled a list of questions, set up my lights and hit record.

 It took a few takes and well I’m sure I could make a whole video of bloopers but for now, you can find the finished video on my youtube channel HERE. You can get to see how dodgy I look when I laugh and just what entertains me.. it doesn’t take much I tell you. You can also get to know a little more about me and my boyfriend, who I assure you is much more louder in real life. So I hope you like this video and now I’m off to get back to waffling about beauty products. Ta ta.


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