The Mid Week Pamper: Face Mask Edition


One of my favourite things to do after a long day at work is sinking into a hot bubble bath. Like most jobs, retail can be tough on your feet and sometimes all you need is a mid week pamper to get yourself ready for the rest of the week. A pick me up if you will. One of my favourite things to do to pamper is to apply a face mask. A good old face mask can do wonders for your skin, if I’m feeling tired, a face mask can help brighten up my complexion or help clear up any pesky spots that have appeared.

There’s two face masks that I rotate using from week to week, depending on how my skin’s looking. Both of them are from Ren.. surprise surprise and both I love very very much.

Ren Invisible Pores Detox Mask: Every oily skinned girl needs  a good clay mask in her skincare routine, I had struggled to find a good one till I got a sample of this in a Ren order. I loved it, it was gentle, but effective. The mask helps to bring out any impurities in your skin and you can almost see it get into your pores and do it’s business. It’s targeted at combination to oily skin and it’s great for sucking up any excess sebum your skin may be producing. It basically shows up all your pores which is a little bit rank/fascinating and when it dries you look a little like a crocodile . I love this mask because I find my skin is clearer after using it, sometimes a pesky spot will pop up the next day but I believe that’s the mask doing it’s job. It helps to clear out my pores and I’ve found that when using this and my clay cleanser from Ren my skin has been so much clearer. I find that it’s quite sensitive for my eyes though, if I put it on too near to my eyes they water, so be aware of that one! My skin always looks clearer and feels really soft and refreshed after using it. It’s blemishes worst enemy.

Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask: This mask is perfect for winter skin. The wind, cold and rain can make your skin look pretty dull. But this mask which is infused with chemical exfoliant glycolactic acid helps to shed away any dead dull skin cells. This mask which smells like a orange fruit winder is super thick and a bit tingly, but it doesn’t half give your complexion a boost. I find it also helps for when you’re getting over  a breakout, it helps to hurry the spot along. I’m on my last dregs of this stuff and yes at £30 it’s a pricey face mask but I’ve used this once a week/fortnight since August and I’m just at the bottom of it. My skin always looks nice and bright the next day and I know my make up will look good the day after applying this mask.

Whilst I use one of these masks, I sit back, relax and usually watch You tube. The bath is one of the only places I can just sit still. So it’s total chill time. This week is a busy one for me, and I definitely need a good pamper after a very busy weekend. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I went to go see two of my celebrity loves last weekend : Justin Bieber and Olly Murs. We went to see Biebs on Friday night at the 02 and gosh my heart had been in my mouth the whole week due to him being late to his concert and then being hospitalised. I was panicing.. however I needn’t have, I had Bieber Fever. Henry and I were probably the oldest there, if you take out the parents, but hey ho. I may of also got a little over excited, Henry said afterwards ‘ I didn’t actually think you’d get involved with the screaming..’ what he doesn’t know is that I had to stop myself from screaming ‘ MARRY ME JUSTIN!’ I thought I’d save my dignity there. Then the next night we went to see Olly Murs, I got right to the front and let’s just say me and Olly exchanged eye contact. He even pointed at me during Dance With Me Tonight.. Yes Olly I will dance with you. Nethertheless my throat is raw from screaming, my nails are chipped and my heart has only just stopped racing after seeing Justin Bieber and Olly Murs’s Bulge in the flesh..but I’m sure it’s nothing a good old pamper can’t cure. I hope you’re all having a good week so far 🙂