The Midi Skirt..


Petite girls can’t wear midi skirts and dresses.. or can they? You see when that whole midi trend came out, I was like ‘there is NO way I’ll be going near that one..’ Being 5ft 2, I’m on the petite side of the spectrum and usually anything that is over knee length is a no no for me. However after seeing many fellow petites girls in midi skirts and dresses, I started to come round. Maybe petite people can wear a longer style too? Who’d of thought it? Of course it’s taken a little while to actually get myself in something midi. I’ve tried on a few dresses that made me look like a human condom, and that my friends is never a good look. However I’m sure it won’t be long till I buy one of those jersey midi dresses from Topshop but till then I have a new skirt to add to my collection and shock horror, it isn’t a skater style. Dun de duh ( that was shocked music btw.)

Blazer: H&M

Top: Topshop

Skirt: Oh My Love* 

Boots: Zara 

Apologies for my messy hair, it was having a mind of it’s own! 

So this little lace number is from Oh My Love, they’ve become quite popular with bloggers lately and some of their dresses are very Jones and Jones inspired. It’s officially called the Chloe Black Lace Split Midi skirt. It’s got soft lace and reminds me of my black lace Zara top that is in my top 5 of most worn tops. Yes how sad is that? I’ve decided to show you how I’d wear this skirt to work, of course I’m currently enjoying a holiday from work, but when I’m back I’m sure this will be a outfit I’ll be wearing. I’ve teamed the black lace skirt with a black body top from Topshop and then my new favourite my yellow blazer from H&M. Wearing a bright blazer with a all black outfit really makes it stand out but it isn’t too shocking that you’ll feel ‘out there’. This skirt would be perfect for going out, have you seen the split? I could do a Angelina in this number I tell you!

I think once I finally purchase a midi dress, I may do a how to style midi styles if that sounds like up anyone’s street? Also if any of you ever have any requests for posts please let me know, i’m a bit rubbish on the whole replying to comments, but I’m always on Twitter, so tweet away (@dizzybrunette3) I hope you’re all good, it’s been a fun week pretending to be a lady of leisure, but I am starting to get a bit bored and lonely now! I’ve been up to some exciting stuff this week and I may be a step closer to becoming the next Caroline Flack but more on that another time 😉

*PR Sample