The much coveted…And God Created woman Nars palette..


Back in the day when I was around the age of 13-15, I used to favour blue eyeshadow. Yes that’s right, I used to love a bit of blue eyeshadow on the lash line. I even made my first MAC purchase as a young teen and added turquatic to my collection. That bad boy is long gone, but another one was a Urban Decay shadow.. named Peace I think. These two blue shadows were worn by me at the weekends (obvz couldn’t wear them at school at much as I tried.. my playboy earrings were as far as I got with that kind of stuff..) However fast forward a few years and blue eyeshadow (and playboy earrings) are off the menu. These days it’s all about the neutrals when it comes to make up. If I’m feeling daring, I’ll wear a bright lip but usually the only colours in my colour scheme are gold, brown and peach. You all know how much I love my Urban Decay Naked palette, but every now and then, it’s time for a change up. And it was at the right time that Nars released a limited edition neutral palette.

When I first saw the Nars And God Created Woman palette, I fell in love. Why wouldn’t I?  A palette full of neutrals, what’s not to love? The words limited edition also made my heart race, beauty brands a heads up here, if you want your product to sell.. call it limited edition. It makes us want it 100x more. For a couple of weeks, I resisted, I mean it was a lot of money to just spend on make up willy nilly. But one Sunday night when I couldn’t sleep, and after a little persuasion from myself.. I bought it. Yolo and all that business. After over a week (!!) the Nars palette finally arrived, talk about keeping a girl waiting Nars. I grabbed it from the delivery mans hands and ran to unpack it… Over a week on, I’ve been using it every day and it’s safe to say it’s love.

My First Impressions: I’d done some research on this palette before buying, so I knew what I was getting. I’d heard it was teeny tiny and yes it is! It’s like a bit bigger than a credit card and much smaller than your regular Nars Bronzer palette, it’s between the size of a blush and bronzer palette. I suppose this is good though for travelling. The palette has six shades; Alhambra ( a rosy gold highlighter shade) Bellisma (matte taupe) Kalahari ( shimmery bronze taupe) Galapagos (dark brown with flecks of gold glitter) Coconut Grove (matte chocolate brown) Night Clubbing (black with gold flecks) The shades are very versatile and you can create a multitude of looks with them, ranging from natural, to all out smokey. I find the colours to be really pigmented which I love and although I have many neutral colours, these shadows are different to ones I already have. I also have found that the shadows blend really nice and are very easy to work with. I am definitely impressed! The palette also came with a eyeshadow brush which I love and a eye primer, which I am yet to use. Though watch this space on the subject of primers.

What I’ve been wearing everyday.. 

A more smokey affair.. see how to create it in my video 🙂 

Seeing as I am a fan of a smokey eye, I have been enjoying creating different looks with this palette, my current though is Alhambra all over the lid, then Kalahari on top of the lid, Galapagos in the crease and coconut grove along the lash line. Smokey brown goodness that would put miss Mila Kunis to shame. I know that this palette has been spoke about a lot by many beauty bloggers and youtubers, so I’ve joined the crowd and done my own video on how to create looks with this palette. You can find that on my youtube channel here.

But for now that’s what I think of the God Created Woman palette, yes it was a luxury buy but every girl needs a treat now and then! If you’re after this palette, online wise  the only place to get it is from Nars’s UK website which is linked here.. Space NK has sold out unfortunately, but maybe try local stores or have a ring round to see if any have any in stock. See I told you the fact it was limited edition would make you want it more! 😉 I hope you’re all having a good week, I’ve got some time off again whoop! Who else is looking forward to Easter? I know, I am! We don’t really have many plans but I’m looking forward to stuffing my face with choccy.. but to be fair I do that all year round!! See you soon 🙂

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