Things I will Always Buy..


Being a beauty blogger, it can be quite hard for  me to commit to a product. I’m always looking for better and this means always trying new bits and bobs. However there are a few products that I do stay loyal too. There the products I’ll go out and buy without a second thought. Here I introduce you to the things that work and therefore will never be replaced.. well for now anyways…

Mitchum deodorant: okay so deodorant isn’t the most glamorous of beauty products but hey it’s all something we use. I’ve tried many deodorants over the years and usually just picked up what was on offer in Boots, but now I always go back to Mitchum cause it actually works! You never have to worry about perspiring, it’s a great deodorant that I will never stray from!

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Body Moisturiser: I do like a good body moisturiser and having trying many, one that I usually like to buy is the Garnier one. This lasts me a good while and the cocoa butter one is my favourite as it smells amazing! It helps to keep your skin moisturised all day, the seven day claim is a bit far I will admit!!

L’oreal Elnett Hairspray: The classic hair spray, and although it is more pricier than others, it’s worth it! This keeps your hair in place all day, it helps to make my curls last all day and it doesn’t feel sticky, just like your real hair. Yes it smells of old ladies, but I can get over that if it means my hair will last all day!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Foundation: This is my holy grail concealer, it covers up anything in it’s path. Yes it’s full coverage but on bad skin days it’s a god send! I’ve been putting this on underneath my foundation and it’s blown my mind. Try it out. Trust me.

Eyedew Sparking Eye Drops: I tend to get quite bloodshot eyes so a couple of drops of these can really help awaken my eyes. My eye make up looks better and well I wouldn’t be without them. I get a new bottle every four weeks and they really help to make brighten my eyes on tired days. Also great to have in your handbag to pop in during the day to revive yourself at lunch time!

So those are my products I’ll buy time and time again! What are yours? Any must haves I should be buying again and again? I hope you’re all good and having a great week 🙂


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