Top Topcoats


When I was growing up my Mum was a beauty therapist. This was very good. Although at the time I used to hate the fact she wouldn’t let me touch my eye brows, I am now grateful that my brows are reasonably quite full and not too thin. Though maybe I should thank Cara Delevingne for rocking a strong brow trend meaning us mere mortals can skip a eyebrow threading appointment and not get called Charlie from Busted. With my Mum being a beauty therapist, she always taught my sister and I how to paint our nails properly. The three steps to nail painting; base coat, nail colour then top coat. If you take one away it’s like going for a bath in your pyjamas. Just not right. Being a personal shopper, my nails get wrecked, nail polish doesn’t last too long due to my grabbing clothes, doing up buttons and swiping away at the till. So I need a good top coat otherwise I’d be painting my nails every night. Here’s my three favourite top coats at the moment and they’re not your run of the mill ones either..

Rimmel Pro Matte Finish Topcoat: Matte nails have been a bit of a trend lately, matte black nails = instant chic and definitely worth a re blog on Tumblr. I’ve been liking this budget matte topcoat as it adds a new dimension to your nails, they look instantly edgy and last quite well too! I’m thinking matte neon nails will look amazing once the sun comes our way!

Essie No Chips Ahead Topcoat: I needed a good topcoat that wouldn’t chip after a day and I have been loving this Essie topcoat. It works best with Essie polishes, they can last a good five days without chipping. Can I have a hell yeah! I really like this topcoat and it works so so well, it also adds a glossy shine to your nails and is a new lifesaver for me and my nails!

L’oreal Color Richie Confetti Topcoat: Okay you’ll of heard of this one before, this topcoat is something that really caught my eye. With Easter approaching we’re all adorning our nails like their mini eggs. This confetti top coat is really eye catching and looks really good. I’ve had people say, ‘did you do those dots?’ I was like ‘ erm no.’ Though I should of said ‘yeah’ that would of impressed people! This is actually like a glitter polish and let me tell you it is SO hard to remove! Probably the worst polish I’ve taken off!! But hey it looked pretty so we’ll forgive it! I’m also coveting the Illamasqua polishes, now those really look like Mini Eggs. Though maybe I shouldn’t get one as I may want to eat my fingers. That would not be good.

So there’s my top three topcoats, I usually use the Essie one but for a bit variety I’ll try one of those other two! Best of all they’re all super cheap.. gosh I’m good to you guys 😉