Weekend Reading #3


One of my favourite past times is to sit down and catch up on blogs. I have the Bloglovin app on my phone and Ipad and whenever I’ve got a few spare minutes, I’m there flicking through my fave reads and mentally making yet another wish list. Whenever I get a weekend off, which doesn’t happen too often (grr retail) I like to have a lazy day, you know lounge around in comfy clothes, eat a few too many kit kats and watch all youtube videos and read blog posts I’ve missed in the week. Luckily for me, I have had this weekend off, so I’m making the most of it. When I had some time off work a few weeks back, I had lots of time to read blogs and I found quite a few new ones that I just have to share with you. Whenever I do a new blogs I’ve found post, they always go down really well so I’m going to try and do them more regularly. I think it’s definitely good to share the love and with Easter around the corner, here’s some Easter filled blog love..

Blogs I’ve been reading: 

Viva La Blonde: Shannon’s blog is a new addition to my reading list, but I blooming love it. In fact it was one of those that I just had to read every post right to the very beginning. Shannon works for MAC so her make up is always flawless and she has a Space NK addiction which doesn’t help my wish list! She’s gorgeous too and reminds me of a Victoria’s Secret angel. JEL.

In The Frow: Victoria’s blog is so cute, and I love the layout and design. Victoria blogs about a lot of products that really interest me and her photos are really clear which I love. Victoria also has the most amazing candy floss pink hair, it makes me very jealous that she looks so amazing.

Molyneuxoxo: Charlotte’s blog is one I found through Instagram. I’d been following Charlotte on there for a while and then realised she had a blog, and I was like ‘why haven’t I looked at this before?’ Charlotte has a similar taste to me in clothes, so I love her wish list posts. I also love her layout, it’s really cute.

Birds Words: Beth’s blog is one I found through Twitter, it’s a really good blog that I love. I loved her post on managing a blog and full time work. I have struggled with the transition of working and blogging and have sometimes about throwing the towel in, due to me not having enough time. However Beth’s blog post gave me some inspiration which was much needed! Beth is also gorgeous, I always feel a little jealous when I go on her blog! Haha.

Fashion Habitue: Michaela’s blog is one I’ve been meaning to mention for a while! I love the clean simple layout and photos, I love her nail posts and her outfit posts. They’re not too fussy or out there which means I can take inspiration from them! I love it when there’s a new post to read 🙂

Vanessa Beauty Fix: Another amazing beauty blog by Vanessa. I love her pictures and swatches, they’re so clear and informative. I also love her detailed beauty posts, thanks to Vanessa I know really, really want the Laura Mercier blush in Peach Whisper! It was another blog that I had to sit and read for ages!

Other Reads:

Some other reads I’ve been loving lately are:

Allure Magazine: This American beauty magazine, is one I’d seen on different blogs and stuff. Then I realised I could get it on my Ipad. I had a Itunes voucher to spend so bought myself a cheeky subscription. It’s a really good magazine, mainly filled of beauty articles that has given me lots of inspiration! The latest issue has a interview with Mila Kunis and seeing she’s my lady of the moment.. it made me love the magazine a little bit more!

Nouvelle Daily: This is a online platform by the lovely Kate. I love it so much to read, it’s full of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, cooking and much more. I love reading it as it’s like a blog and magazine all in one. It’s definitely the type of platform that was missing from my life!

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a little look at some new favourite reads of mine, hopefully some of them you will all like too! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend 🙂


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