What’s Your Hair Colour? Let’s talk hair dye…


My most asked question used to be ‘is your hair real?’ However this question has now been replaced with ‘what colour is your hair?’ or ‘what hair dye do you use?’ I thought after getting numerous tweets, comments and instagram notifications asking the same thing, it was maybe time to do a post on hair dye. To be fair this may be a disappointment to some of you, as I never use just one brand of dye, or one specific colour. I literally will use anything. But I thought I would run through some shades that I have used and if I can dig out some pictures along with them. Okay so let’s get to the basics, my hair is naturally a medium brown, when I was younger it was darker but as I’ve got older my natural hair colour seems to be getting a lighter brown. In the summer, my hair always goes a light brown shade, which I like, but in the winter I prefer a darker brown. So in the summer, most of the time my hair is my natural shade.. see below. But you could maybe try to achieve the same colour, with a light brown shade. However I can’t say exactly what shade as it is natural.

Beautysets - hair dye

However when it comes to dying my hair darker, I’ll always go for a medium brown shade. Over the years I have realised that brown hair dye will always be darker than what it looks like on the box. I have used a dark brown dye before for my hair to go almost black. So I would always recommend buying a dye a shade lighter than your desired shade as chances are it will be as dark as you want it to be. Medium brown dyes always result in a dark brown colour for me that isn’t too harsh or striking. I think that this makes your hair look more natural too! Dyes that I have used over the past year or so that I would recommend are Superdrug Foam Colour Medium Brown 5.0  This is the last hair dye that I used, so this is my current hair colour as seen in the picture below.

 My Natural hair colour in the summer.. not dyed at all. 

Example of how the Perfect 10 dye looks in Medium Brown

My current hair colour.. Superdrug foam hair dye Medium Brown

I’ve used the Superdrug foam hair dye a few times before, I find that it’s really easy to use, not as messy as normal dye thanks to the foam and lasts quite well in your hair. I have also used a plum colour in this range when I was going through a ‘ I want to be in Little Mix’ phase. The shade for that one was Deep Cherry Brown, I found that the plum colour didn’t last too long in my hair, but shades such as this one never stay around for long. I always use permanent hair dye’s as I find brown dyes fade very fast, well they do in my hair anyways. I always used to use semi permanent dyes but they would literally last for about three weeks which is never long enough. Other dyes that I’ve used and would recommend are the Nice and Easy Perfect 10 dye. This comes with a nozzle which again is great for applying to your hair, it’s less messy and helps to distribute the product evenly. I’ve used both the Dark Brown version but my favourite is the Medium Ash Brown shade. I always try to go for a ash colour as this means there will be cool tones in the dye, as I used to dye my hair red back in the day, I don’t want anymore red tones to my hair.  Other shades I have used in the past include Garnier Nutrisse Hair Colour in Iced Coffee, Olia Iced Chocolate which is a dye which uses oil instead of ammonia. So it is better for your hair, but both me and my sister found that you needed to wash your hair a couple of times before the dye was fully out, but if you don’t want to use permanent hair dye because it might be too harsh, this might be another good option. I also asked my sister what hair dye she likes as she is sensitive to a lot of hair dyes, she said her favourite is Nice and Easy permanent hair dye.

A lot of the time, I will use whatever hair dye I have lying around in my flat, my Mum is a bit of a bulk buyer so she will usually buy hair dyes in bulk for my sister and then give them to me when my sister decides she doesn’t like them anymore. So to be fair I’m really not picky, but it’s always a medium brown shade I will always go for. I don’t tend to use any products to keep the colour in my hair, so I tend to just use my usual products. So yes there we go, I hope this has been helpful to any of you who were wondering what colour my hair was and what dye I use. I’ve never had my hair dyed professionally so I couldn’t tell you what to ask for at the hairdressers!! I hope you’re all having a great week, and I’ll see you soon 🙂