Be Bronzed This Spring with He Shi Fake Tan


I’ve always loved a bit of fake tan. But you should already know that by now. If not where have you been? I’ve tried many fake tans, some have been good and have left me looking like I’ve just stepped off a plane from Barbados. Others have left me looking like I’ve just finished my six week placement as a intern at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory or as I call it the oompa loompa look. No one likes looking like a oommpa loompa, so finding a good fake tan is key. So what should you look for in a tan? Well the number one rule is that you want it to look natural, you want people to think you’re naturally tanned or you’ve just come back off holiday. You also want a tan that will last a good week or so, if you’re lazy like me, tanning every couple of days is a no no. However I feel I have found another good fake tan to add to my collection. Long lasting and natural colour? Tick. Want to know more.. oh okay then..

He-Shi is a tan that has been around for a good few years, I remember seeing it in Heat magazine a good few years ago and commenting it had a funny name. But of course that’s because this tanning range isn’t just for ladies, oh no guys this ones for you too. However with the likes of Towie and Geordie Shore being increasingly popular, it seems more than ever that we have Mark Wright and Gaz alike’s turning to the tan. That was probably a good four years ago and god knows why it’s taken me so long to try it. I’ve been pretty loyal to my favourite fake tan Xen Tan lately and though that still is my top favourite, He Shi is a close second. I’ve been trying out three products from the range, a pre tan product the Exfoliating Bodywash* which is a exfoliator to get rid of any dead skin cells and remnants of your last tan. Exfoliating is so important as it gives you a clean slate to tan on. Your tan will look more even, flawless and will last longer. This exfoliator is pink and really is good at getting rid of old tan which can be a  nightmare to scrub off. My skin was left feeling soft and smooth. Once my skin was fully prepped it was time to get my tan on..

Picture on the left is what the He- Shi fake tan looks like when it’s just been applied. 

Picture on the right is what He-Shi tan looks like after it’s been washed off and this picture was taken about five days after application! 

I’ve got two tanning products from He-Shi, I have the Quick And Easy Express Liquid Tan* and the Face and Body Tanning Gel*. Both are very similar and deliver the same results but are just in different forms. Okay so the Express Liquid Tan is like something I have never used before, it’s a liquid. Yep that’s right, it surprised me and my bathroom carpet too. Whoops where’s the Vanish? Basically you squirt a few drops onto your arm/leg where ever you’re tanning and then rub in with a tanning mitt, you could also put it onto your tanning mitt but I found the mitt absorbed a lot of the liquid. You have to work fast with this as otherwise you’ll be dripping tan all over the place. Once rubbed in the liquid dries instantly, it has a golden brown guide colour so you can see where you’re going. Once I got the hang of this, I realised how easy it was to use. You only need a small amount so in about five minutes you could be done. Neither products smelt of fake tan either so you didn’t even realise you had a tan on. The tanning gel has the same guide colour but is just in gel from, it’s a bit stickier and takes a little longer to dry but is still pretty good. I found applying it with the tanning mitt was the best way to ensure a flawless, streak free tan. I decided to apply the liquid tan to one leg and the gel to another to see which was better. I was intrigued to see if one had a different colour/finish but both my legs looked exactly the same. So with this in mind, I would recommend the liquid tan for the fact it is so easy and fast drying, but if you’re a newbie tanner the gel might be more up your street. What I’m probably most impressed with is how long this tan has lasted. I applied this tan over a week ago and it’s still going strong. No patchiness, no fading, na da. I am very, very impressed and is the perfect tan for lazy girls alike.

Though I will still favour Xen Tan, He Shi is a new favourite in my collection, fast drying, not whiffy and long lasting. What’s not to love? I hope you’re all good and have had a good week 🙂 what’s your favourite fake tan? Any others I need to try? 🙂

*PR Samples