Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder Review


A few months ago, if you’d of said the name Kevyn Aucoin, I’d of probably said ‘who?’ But recently due to loads of bloggers and their dogs raving about his products, KA got onto my radar. You know the products are going to be pricey when they’re sold at Space NK. You can feel your bankcard trying to cement itself into your purse, and your bank balance is already comfort eating to ease the pain. Recently I was a bit naughty and bought not one but two Kevyn Aucoin products. I feel like Jamie Laing as I’m expecting a bank manager to come knocking on my door any day, (I’ve got the faux fur coat ready to throw on when this happens) but let me tell you, my cheeks are very happy. Today I’ll be talking about one of the products, the cult Celestial Powder in Candlelight. 

You guys know that I’m partial to a highlighter, I’ve got more than you can shake a fist at, but I haven’t found that perfect one. Sometimes they can look a bit too much for the daytime, underneath the wrong light, you can look like a Edward Cullen/Amy Childs hybrid. The look I always strive for is the glowy look, you know that ‘I’ve just rolled out of bed and yes I look this damn radiant naturally’ look. It’s not a easy one to achieve, let me tell you. Millie Mackintosh is queen of this look, if it wasn’t so stalker like, I would pester her to tell me her full highlighter routine. Dior Amber Diamond is a good little highlighter, but it’s more of a nighttime edition, it was great at Christmas, you know when even glitter on your eyelids is acceptable in the day. But with spring/summer coming along, it’s time to get a bit more natural. Yes you, pack up that glitter. The Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight may be the perfect daytime highlighter. It’s so understated that it’s just amazing, it does everything you want ticking from the list of highlighter requests. Glowy- tick, Radiant- tick, not too TOWIE like- tick.

How the celestial powder looks with flash and no flash. 

It’s basically a powder, nothing special. It’s described as having a golden apricot hue, I would say on my skin tone orange tanned it’s a pale gold sheen. But this highlighter would be good for any skin tone. The powder itself is buttery, pigmented, and lasts all day. A little goes a long way, I apply some on a Real Techniques contour brush and apply to the tops of my cheek, down my nose, and my brow bone. It’s so beautiful I wish I could rub my whole face in it, but that wouldn’t look quite right I fear. The look it gives you is unlike anything else I’ve used, it’s subtle but still gives you a glow, it’s natural but you can still tell it’s there. It’s weird. You just look glowy, it looks like you haven’t put anything on. It’s like that’s your natural glow, you pop it on and I swear I hear Angels sing. The thing is, I’ve never used anything like it, so I’m a bit like woah. This is perfect for the daytime, and also lovely for the night time. It’s a great little all rounder, it’s something that I’d imagine the likes of Binky, Millie and Rosie to have in their make up bag. Girls you can fake that Chelsea glow with this powder. Pricey it is, but if you want that natural day time glow, you may want to start apologising to your bank balance right now…