Nailed It: New Nail Trends


I do love a good nail trend. Long gone are the days where we just adorned our nails with the same colour on all ten fingers. Nope, nails are changing all the time and companies are bringing out more and more interesting  products and recently there have been many new releases that have been changing the way we paint our nails.

The Texture:

We no longer have the usual choice of just normal nail polish, oh no, we now have the option of textured nail polish. The likes of Nails Inc with their Concrete nail polish which has an almost bumpy texture. It has a matte finish and has a rough effect to touch. It’s edgier than the usual gloss manicure, and is the type of manicure you’d imagine one of those really cool people like Cara Delevingne to sport. Hot on the heels of Nails Inc are Barry M, who have released Textured Nail polish too. However both ranges have different colour ranges, Nails Inc featured a lime green, nude, cobalt blue and red whilst Barry M have gone straight for the pastels. Personally this isn’t a trend I’m loving, I find the finish to be a bit like when I’ve painted my nails before bed and have rushed them. I’ve then woke up in the morning to smudged, bubbly nails. Sorry chaps but I’ll be sticking to the usual shiny manicure.

The Capsule Collection:

We usually expect to walk into Boots and be able to pick a nail polish colour, time after time. They seem to stick around for ages nail colours, hey there’s colours out there that I had back when I was 17. But recently brands have been releasing more limited edition ranges, a get them before they’re gone range. Headline Colours formerly known as Killer Colours have released their second range of catwalk inspired collection nail colours. The first collection I loved, and so did a certain miss Millie Mackintosh. This time round, the colours are S/S 13 inspired and feature shades such as a orange toned red, a metallic silver, camel nude, a gold sheen, and Poolside Party* the shade I have. This is a aqua blue which is just perfect for summer. The shade which is inspired by designers catwalk shows such as Burberry Prorsum, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. The shades are long lasting on the nails and are free from the three nasty chemicals you can sometimes find in nail polish. The shades are available from March- August and can be bought from Victoria Health at £9 each. But remember once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The Nail Tattoo:

Temporary tattoos are no longer for just the body. Oh no, nails get ready to be inked. Well not literally. Back in the day when I was about 10 I loved a good old temporary tattoo, Tammy Girl was my favourite place to get them and on special occasions i.e summer holidays, I was allowed to wear them. I have a picture of me blowing out my candles on my tenth birthday cake, wearing  a crop top with a temporary tattoo round my belly button. Classy. Thankfully they didn’t let ten year olds get tattoos or I may of been scarred with a tongue on my arm alongside with the words Girl Power forever. But although Tammy Girl is no more, tattoos are making a way back for our nails. Nail stickers have been around for a while, but these new Nail Art Nail Tattoos* make nail art easy, and won’t leave you hunching over your nails for ages with a tiny brush. These stickers will save you going crossed eyed, smudging your nails and then having a stance similar to Quasi Modo. These stickers are so easy to use, I found the best way to apply them to dry nails, use a pair of nail scissors to apply them and then pop some top coat over the top to seal them on. I love the cute designs, from a swallow, bow and heart, they have all the latest trends covered. They look natural and make people think you should be working at Wah! Nails. I found them to last a really long time on the nails and I loved the fact you can add a little something to your nails, without it looking tacky. Nail Art Nail Tattoos can be bought from Boots, Urban Outfitters and Skin Art Uk. They are priced at £5.99 and over at Skin Art, there is also a number of limited edition nail colours too.

So there we have it, some latest trends for nails. Will you be experimenting more with your nails in the future? I think maybe it’s time for me to get a little more creative with my nails! I hope you all had a great week and good weekend, my family came down to visit me which was lovely! But now it’s time to get back to normality which means blogging!! I hope you’re all good and I’ll see you soon 🙂