New Skincare Additions


I’m not going to lie to you guys, I’m on the quest for perfect skin. Let’s be honest who isn’t? It’s been within the past year or so that I’ve been finally getting into skincare, you know checking out ingredients and using more than just a make up wipe to take my make up off. Recently, all my skincare seemed to run out at the same time, it was a panic stricken moment. Paired with a breakout which made me feel like I was 13 again, I was close to starting to write Mrs Matt from Busted on notepads, it was that bad. I decided it was time to revamp my skincare. Bring back some old favourites and introduce some new ones. Come summer, I want to be able to wear as little make up as possible and feel okay with it. So as i haven’t been using these skincare products for long enough to valid a in depth review, here’s my first impressions 🙂

Ren ClearCalm Clarity Restoring Mask: I’d been umming and aahing about this clay face mask for ages. It’s a clay mask which is the best mask to use if you have breakouts/oily skin which is what I was putting up with. I have the invisible pores mask, but I find that’s more of a detox, whilst this one is good for treating blemishes. It has a number of spot fighting ingredients such as Sulphur and Zinc Oxide. It also has many natural ingredients. Pricey it is at £30 a bottle, but my friends can you ever put a price on having clear skin? So far, I’m liking this mask, a lot. It’s a strange one for a clay mask as it doesn’t dry on your skin, this is quite good though as sometimes those types of clay masks can dry out your skin. This leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and clear. Blemishes seem to clear up quicker and it’s a generally nice mask to use and treat my skin too.

Ren Clarifying Toning Lotion: This is my second bottle of this stuff, and first time round, I wasn’t wowed. I thought yeah it was alright but nothing to write home about. Then it ran out and I noticed how good this stuff was. My skin instantly was duller, more congested and it was around this time when my skin freaked out. It had a huge breakout and I was like, ‘oh maybe that toner was really good?’ I hastily got online and ordered it again. Yes it smells a bit funky but hey it works, ever since I’ve started using it again, my skin has calmed down. Think I may of found my toner BFF for life.

Clarins Instant Eye Make Up Remover: I do like my eye make up, in fact I wear a lot of the stuff. This means taking it off can be quite the effort. So when this Clarins eye make up remover started doing the rounds on blogs, I decided to pick some up. Paired with my staff discount, I got this for £13 ish. Full price it’s £17 which is kind of crazy considering how small the bottle is. It has a oil in, so you shake it up to create the concoction which removes your eye make up. Yes it is good, yes it removes all eye make up including waterproof mascara, but I feel I’m getting through the bottle at a very fast rate. Decided that this is very similar to the old Botanics eye make up remover, I’m determined to find a dupe for this!

Peter Thomas and Roth Acne Spot And Area Treatment: Whenever I had a breakout, I realised I did;t have a proper spot treatment in my collection. This needed resolving quickly. I had decided I wanted to try something new, something with lots of spot fighting ingredients. After a a pursue on Cult Beauty, I opted for this Peter Thomas and Roth treatment. Nope I had seen no reviews on it, but the ingredients spoke for themselves; sulphur, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and Zinc Oxide to name a few. It had everything in it, to blast away spots and keep them away for good. I haven’t made my mind up on this yet, it does reduce spot size but due to the 5% active Sulphur ingredient, it’s a bit whiffy. Why is the good skin stuff for spots, smells of farts? It’s really not nice. I’ll keep you updated on this one.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream*:I  decided it was time to get a eye cream to see if it helped with eye bags. This one from Balance Me is one I’ve been using for a good month or so and I have to say I’m really enjoying using it. I apply it at night and in the morning and I find it brightens my eye area, makes it less puffy and de hydrated. I find that when I don’t use it, I have to use about two more layers of concealer on the old bags. Though the past week, I have been asleep every night before 12, that to me is a achievement so maybe I’ll be waving goodbye to the bags soon!

I’ve also started to use my clarisonic again every other night, I’ve found my skin is less congested and more clearer. Fingers crossed my skin stays this way! I’ve even laid off the old concealer hooray! I hope you’re all well and are having a good week 🙂