Crop Top’s weren’t just for the 90’s…

Crop Top. Two words that aren’t usually in my fashion vocabulary. I’m not really a lover of flashing the flesh, heck I don’t even like anything too tight, but lately I’ve been trying to try new things out. You can get quite set in your ways when it comes to clothes and I started to get bored. When we were invited to my boyfriend’s uncle’s party, I decided to get a new outfit and try something new. You lot all know I’m 21 going on 81, so when a party comes up.. I go all out. I’ve recently started to fall in love with pencil/midi skirts. Once I steered away from them, but I’ve realised that even though I’m 5ft2 I can wear them. After all how can I persuade customers to try new things if I’m not prepared to? So with a longer skirt length, you can maybe be a bit more experimental with your top half. I’m never going to be a Kelly Brook kinda girl, so I thought maybe I could try a crop top. A crop top?! Something I haven’t worn since I was about 10 and had a temporary tattoo around my bellybutton to finish the look. Thankfully, the years have been kind on my childish pot belly ( well the gym and 30 day shred helped that) and double thankfully I’ve grown out of thinking a tattoo round your bellybutton is cool. So with this in mind, I went to Topshop and bought a crop top.

Top: Topshop

Necklace: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Matalan 

With a high waisted skirt, I was only showing probably less than a inch of flesh. When I first got changed I kept my leather jacket on for a good twenty minutes.. I then got too hot and well a few sips of cider helped me to take my jacket off. I actually felt fine and nice, and it’s an outfit I’m looking forward to wearing again. Maybe if my new years resolution to get abs (not from 5ive.. tummy variety) I’ll start wearing more crop tops? Who knows. What I have learnt is that sometimes it’s good to come out of your comfort zone when it comes to clothes, you can sometimes surprise yourself.

Spot the products on the dressing table! 

As well as baring the tummy, we stayed at a lush hotel this weekend. Like I mentioned we went to London for a family party so we stayed in Greenwich which wasn’t too far away from the shindig. We stayed at the Mercure London Greenwich hotel, after a nightmare finding it, we were amazed at how lovely it was. We had a double room, which wasn’t the biggest in the world but so nice, a super comfy bed, a little dressing table (didn’t take me long to make a mess) a plush velvet chair (no hotel room is complete without a velvet chair) a double wardrobe and well then there was the bathroom. There was a frosted glass door with all dates of kings and queen’s of England’s reigns, which was interesting.. though truth be told I was more interested in the fact you could control the heating and lights through the tv. The bathroom was huge, a massive shower with a massive shower head, and square toilet and sink. Who doesn’t love a square sink tell me that?

Taking advantage of a clean mirror..

You can probably tell we don’t get out much, but it was a real luxury for us, and we enjoyed every second. We also had breakfast which was in this downstairs restaurant where a waiter came and brought us toast in a toast rack! Okay I am going to sound so uncultured but usually I have to make my own toast in my green Next toaster! I don’t even own a toast rack. We ate a lot, which you have to do when it’s a buffet breakfast. We left feeling totally chilled, full and well we actually didn’t want to leave. It was what I needed after a super stressy week at work, now I’ve got that Sunday night blues feeling. But if you’re ever looking for somewhere to stay in London, I’d definitely recommend the Mercure hotel. We will definitely go back!

So I hope you all had a great weekend too, did you bare your flesh like I did? Or just sit back and relax? I hope you all have a good week, I know it’s going to be a busy one work wise for me, but hopefully from Thursday onwards things will quieten down a bit.. well until we move! Eeek!


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