Inspiring Spring/Summer Makeup for Brides

Guest editorial:

Out of all the days that you want to look your best, your wedding day is the most significant. While you may be more focused on your gown and the way you plan to wear your hair, it is super important that your makeup complement your wedding attire, theme, and colours. Although it may seem easy for you or your makeup artist to come up with the perfect look for your big day, many brides-to-be (or their makeup artist) sometimes miss the mark. While some ladies may need some coaxing to even don a pinch of makeup on their wedding day, others may need to tone it down. Whether you choose to highlight your eyes by adding a bright shade of shadow or you go for a cool hue for your lips, sporting the right makeup completes the look for one of the biggest days of your life.

Whether it be eye shadow that pairs well with your wedding colours or shades that are more simple and subtle, the look for spring/summer brides calls for a fresh face with colours to emphasise certain facial features. For instance, try adding a bit of colour or sparkle to your eyes, while keeping the rest of your makeup simple. This is a great way to spice up your look, but not so much that you appear too made up. Future brides who typically despise makeup don’t have to avoid decorating their faces for their nuptials. “Barely there” makeup consisting of neutral-coloured lips combined with shimmering, glowing skin is perfect wedding day face paint look for those who normally shy away from bold shadows, bright lip colours, and over-the-top blushes.

Sprinkle in Some Colour

Many brides who are going with a subdued look will appreciate the pale lips and somber hues that will be featured this spring/summer season. Though lips painted with bold colours look good on just about anyone, those with thin, small, lips get a boost from these louder shades and luminous lip hues, making them appear larger and fuller. The rouge lip colours this season are available in a range of shades from light, soft pinks to powerful, deep reds, to dark cherry;proving that not all of your bridal wear must be white.

Put on a Clean Face

There’s nothing more stunning on a bride than a glowing, clear face, and this spring/summer you’ll be seeing a lot of brides sporting a clean face. Although this look requires minimal effort, more can be added by sweeping a light brush of blush in an intense shade that makes your cheeks pop. Intertwining these neutral colours with pale lips, dark, seductive eyes, and fresh, radiant skin, gives you a natural appearance, however, certain features will be amplified. This look is also a good way to cut costs as the bride and her bridal party can put together this simple look on their own. It’s also one way that you can have consistency among your bridal party if your M&S bridesmaids’ dresses differ. Finish it off with natural, neutral-coloured lips and you’ll be ready to grace your guests and