Statement Jewellery..

Something you probably won’t see me without is some statement jewellery. I never used to be a statement jewellery kinda girl, I used to wear the same necklace every single day. But these days, I’m all about chunky statement necklaces, long gone are the dainty numbers. I also have always had a love for big chunky rings, and this is something I still love. Though at the moment my love is for turquoise rings. I’ve never actually done a jewellery post before, so I thought I’d show you my favourite statement pieces.

I find that statement necklaces are great for livening up a boring outfit. I’m definitely tshirt girl so I find a chunky necklace is great for adding a little something to a tshirt or a plain dress/blouse. You can get so many different necklace’s these days, collars, spikes, you name it, it’s being sold somewhere. I have three favourite necklaces that I rotate, first up is my gold disk necklace from River Island. I love this necklace as it looks great under collars, or with a plain white top. It’s not too big so it’s not too in your face. Next is a contrast necklace, a right in your face number. This slightly tacky but also slightly amazing necklace is from Primark. This looks great with a plain dark top, pair this with a plain black tshirt and you’re onto a winner. It catches the light and looks so much more expensive than what it actually is! 

One time I was wearing this at work and a lady reached out over the till, touched my necklace and said ‘where is this from?’ Once I recovered from having my personal space invaded, I was like ‘Primark.’ The lady then announced she was off to Primark that very moment. I should get commission for Primark I tell you right now. Finally my favourite necklace that I wear pretty much most days, this bolt necklace is from Dorothy Perkins and is a dupe for a necklace I saw in Topshop. I really love Dorothy Perkins’s jewellery, it’s on par with Topshop but so much cheaper. I am most definitely a fan. Whenever I personal shop people, I always take a statement necklace, well not if they’re like 70 obviously, but one time I was helping my manager Emma ( hi Emma if you’re reading) and I got her my necklace and she was like ‘Corrie are you trying to make this necklace take over the world?’ I was like ‘yes.’ I have decided I need a new necklace though, so I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a new one. 

Moving onto rings, I do love a chunky ring. I find that they’d be good if I ever got into a fight. Yep my mind works in strange ways. My three current favourites are from on line boutiques which makes me love them more. The first two are from Jimmy and His Girl*, which is run by a couple called Georgina and Murray. They have an array of pretty jewellery at amazing prices.The other is a YSL arty ring dupe from Ellise Vintage*. I like to rotate them but I have had many funny anecdotes from work from wearing these rings. The other day, a man said to me ‘why is that ring so big?’ I mean what a stupid question, I was like ‘ I don’t know but I like it.’ Weird eh, but the worst happened on Christmas eve. 

I remember the date cause it’s been etched on my brain in embarrassment. It was Christmas Eve so naturally work was super busy, mainly full of people buying last minute gifts. A man came up to the till buying some gift cards, he says to me ‘ Oh that’s a big ring on your hand’ because it was Christmas Eve I was in a funny mood, I was annoyed I was at work, I was flustered as it was super busy and I was excited as I was going home for Christmas that day. So in my head as I wasn’t thinking properly I replied ‘ I’m only interested if they’re big.’ Once I said it, I realised what I’d said and I couldn’t take it back. The man said ‘ I had to stop myself from saying something else then.’ I wanted to die. I wanted to climb into the cardboard box full of hangers and hide for the rest of my life. I’d meant to say ‘ I only like big rings’ but why would I even say that anyways? I blame it on being Christmas Eve, I told my work colleagues after and they were like ‘why would you even say that?’ It was so cringe. I’m such a cringey person. So yes big rings, can get you into trouble. Think before you speak. From now on I just nod and say nothing. God the shame. 

So on that note, I’ll leave my statement jewellery write up here. My favourite places to shop for statement jewellery is Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Primark, Miss Selfridge and H&M. Where’s your favourite place to get jewellery from?