The new it neutral eyeshadow palettes aka Benefit’s World Famous Neutral palettes..

It’s quite odd to think that a few years ago, I loved a bright eyeshadow. My first MAC eyeshadow was a aqua blue one and the thought of neutrals was boring. However fast forward a few years, there’s no blue eyeshadow going near my eyes, instead it’s all about golds, browns and bronze. I love my Naked palettes, my Nars God Created Woman palette, but hear me out when I say you can never have too many neutral eye shadows. To the naked untrained eye, they may all look the same. But to a beauty addict like myself, they are all very different and beautiful in their own way. With an abundance of neutrals filling my make up bag, surely no other palette would knock my socks off. Wrong. A few weeks ago, three new neutral palettes from Benefit popped through my letterbox and I’ll say right now that my poor Naked and Nars palettes have been discarded in favour of Benefit’s offerings.

The World Famous Neutrals are three new eyeshadow kits from Benefit, there’s three shade offerings, Eyenessa’s sexiest nudes ever*, most glamorous nudes ever* and easiest nudes ever*. All three have different shade of neutral eye shadows and consist of two crease less cream shadows and four long wear powder shadows. They come in a gorgeous box with Eyenessa a glamorous Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dam lookalike, and the boxes are almost like a little book. You can take the shadows out to have the box as a little trinket box, which I think is a nice touch. There’s also a booklet of tips as there are in every Benefit kit and a mirror so you can apply on the go. Because the boxes are quite compact they’re good for travel as you can create so many looks with the six shadows.

Easiest Nudes Ever

The Shades: There are two out of the three boxes which have wowed me the most and the easiest nudes ever palette is one of those. The colours in this palette are RSVP (cream shadow) Pinky champagne colour, No Pressure (cream shadow) light chocolate bronze brown, Call My Buff (powder) a light cream highlight colour, Pinky Swear (powder) a baby pink, Thanks A Latte (powder) a golden brown and Quick Look Busy (powder) a matte chocolate brown. 

How I Apply: I really love the cream shadows in this kit, as the RSVP shade is great for a all over base and the No Pressure is great for in the crease for a subtle smokey eye. I tend to apply the cream shadows with my fingers, then blend with a fluffy brush. I tend to use Call my buff for highlight, thanks a latte as a darker crease colour and then quick look busy along the lash line. 

Who It’s Best For: I’d recommend this palette if you like simple matte neutral eyes, you can make a subtle daytime look or vamp it up and make it a bit more intense with the dark brown shadow. 

Glamorous Nudes Ever 

The Shades: Okay this is my favourite kit from the three, the colours are so up my street it’s untrue. Birthday Suit (cream) champagne gold with a hint of copper, My Two Cents (cream) amber bronze, Call my Buff (powder) pale cream highlight, It’s Complicated (powder) Pinky peach with a rose gold twist, Kiss Me I’m Tipsy (powder) apart from having the best eyeshadow name ever, a warm brown with flecks of gold glitter, and Guilty Pleasure (powder) warm antique gold. 

How I Apply: I again love the cream shadows in this palette, I like My Two Cents as a all over lid colour and then Birthday Suit as a highlight. Guilty Pleasure is again great for a all over lid colour and Kiss Me I’m Tipsy in the crease and on the lower lash line. It’s complicated is great for a springtime look and works well with a peach blush and lip. 

Who It’s Best For: If you love a metallic gold eye, this palette is for you. The shades are great for tanned skin and gives you a bronzed eye. This kit would be great for taking on holiday with you. 

Sexiest Nudes Ever 

The Shades: Okay not going to lie, this kit is my least favourite. This is because the shades are more cool toned and I prefer my warm golds and browns. Bikini-tini (cream) pale oyster, Holy Smokes (cream) charcoal black, Milk It (powder) Milky sheeny white, Pause For Applause ( powder) matte pastel lilac, Raincheck (powder) Lavender matte purple, Blingo (powder) metallic silver.

How I apply: For this palette I have used the Bikini- Tini which is a fab all over base colour, then blingo all over the lid and raincheck in the crease. You could then add Holy Smokes on the lash line. 

Who It’s Best For: Although this palette isn’t quite my taste, the photos of the look I created with this palette actually look quite nice. I’d say if you like your cooler toned and a more colourful eye then this palette is for you. 

All in all I think these palettes are a great idea, I have been using them non stop and I can’t believe how good the cream shadows are. Easy to blend and last all day? I’m onto a winner there, they also take about two minutes apply which is great for when I’m sleepy in the morning. I can see myself using these palettes a lot and if you love your nude colours, then I’d definitely pick one up! The World Famous Neutral palettes are ¬£23.50 and can be bought from a number of places such as Debenhams, Feel Unique and Benefit’s website