An Ode to Seche Vite..

Seeing as you’re reading this blog right now, I’m going to take a guess that you read beauty blogs quite often. You know I could be wrong, you may of accidentally stumbled on this blog and you’re thinking.. ‘what exactly is a blog?’ Anyway, being a blogger, I also love reading blogs. There’s no better way to spend some spare time then browsing my Bloglovin feed looking for blog posts to read. However being a avid beauty blog reader, I know how there can be a lot of similar product posts, which can be quite boring to read. However sometimes you need to rave about a hyped product, so today I’m going to do something different. Instead of writing a review on a cult beauty product, I will be sharing my love through a poem. Yes that’s right a poem.

‘ Oh Seche Vite, 

How you make my heart beat, 

I’m not sure why, 

Perhaps it’s cause you make my nail polish dry

You see I just can’t sit still, 

A fidget you could call me if you will, 

My nails usually end up smudged and bubbly,

Which isn’t exactly lovely jubbly

I’m so glad I bought you from the drugstore, 

I’m sure I will purchase you for ever more, 

My nails dry in just one min, 

My other top coats have been sent to the bin

Oh Seche Vite, 

How you make my heart beat, 

I now know why, 

It’s cause you’re awesome and make my nails dry. ‘

So there we have it, I don’t think any famous poets will be shaking in their boots, but hey at least it made this post a bit different? I do love Seche Vite and it is pricey at £9 but when your nail polish dries so quick it really is priceless! Do you love Seche Vite as much as me that you’ve wrote it a poem? No I didn’t think so. I must dash as my bottle of Seche Vite is starting to get a big head, it won’t be able to get it’s head through the door if I don’t stop. Bye bye see you soon.