Feeling good enough to eat with Soap & Glory..


Soap and Glory may as well sponsor my shower and bath times. Walk into my bathroom and you will see a abundance of S&G products. From shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, the works. One reason for why I have so many products is cause it’s all SO good. S&G is a brand I have been a fan of for many years, I love the packaging (okay that’s a shallow reason to love a brand but they I’m a beauty blogger, I’m a little bit shallow) and the scents are always amazing. I’m a sucker for a scented shower gels and bubble baths, and Soap and Glory always deliver. Their products last for about six years, and you fist pump inside whenever someone gives you S&G goodness for birthdays and Christmas. Okay enough of the love in now, you can tell I am a S&G fan. Recently there’s been a few new scents added to the collection, sugar crush introduced a bit more of a fruity and fresh fragrance, and now there’s two more new items that if you’re a lover of sickly sweet smells you are going to LOVE.

Sweet scents aren’t for everyone, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll love a good old sweet smelling product. I like to smell like I’m good enough to eat. A little bit weird yes. But if I have any sweet cravings I can just smell my arm and that will be enough. I recently tried the Whipped Clean shower cream which was a delight to use, but now I have a new favourite for shower times and it’s the Rich & Foamous shower and bath body wash*. Firstly I must say I like they’ve added bath wash to the title, I feel that sometimes with all these ‘shower gels’ the bath can be quite jealous. It can also be quite confusing.. do I wash in the bath or do I have to use this just in the shower? Of course I’m joking but hey good on you S&G for equality. The shower and bath wash is scented with almonds, oats and brown sugar. On first look I thought oh no, I’m going to smell like porridge. Thankfully for me it doesn’t smell like Oats so simple, nope instead it smells like a sweet nutty sensation. The bath wash is creamy and foamy so a little goes a long way, remember what I said about S&G products lasting about six years? Cause it’s so creamy it’s also really moisturising which is lovely, I hate using products that leave my skin feeling dry. I really enjoy using this in the shower and bath, in fact sometimes I’m naughty and use it twice, it smells that good!!

Out of the shower, it’s moisturising time. A favourite S&G moisturiser is the Righteous Butter, but again there’s a new favourite in town. Smoothie Star, Lightly Whipped Butter cream* is another must for any sweet scent lovers. Pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla are the main whiffy ingredients in this body butter and it leaves you smelling like a nutty ice cream sundae. Okay again not for everyone, but for someone who loves a real artificial scent this is heaven in a tub. The scent lingers all day long, it’s one you can smell on yourself hours later, it’s definitely one where you’ll keep smelling your arm. I love body moisturiser’s that linger all day, and this one is definitely good at doing that. It also has five oils to keep your limbs feeling silky soft, pistachio oil, almond oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil. All in all I am a fan. I apply it twice a day, a little goes a long way and I happily go about my day smelling like a sweet nutty soft skinned person. Okay that made no sense but if you like your sweet smelling products, you kind of need this in your life!! 

Okay so now I’m off to go smell my arm, if you use this you’ll know how amazing this smells!! So if you’re reading this right now it means it’s my birthday! Whoop whoop, follow me on twitter @dizzybrunette3 and instagram (dizzybrunette3) for updates and stuff! I hope you’re all well and I’ll see you soon 🙂 

*PR Samples