Oh Hey.

Long time no speak or should I say see? Hey have you missed me? Go on don’t lie and say you haven’t cause I know secretly you did. So where have I been? Well if you follow me on the likes of Twitter and Instagram, you may already know that the past few weeks have been verrrry busy ones for me. First of all I had a really busy period with work, it was time for our seasonal fashion show and being personal shopper it was my job to organise and style the show. Dealing with this and several appointments a day meant I was a very busy (and stressed) little person. Me and my friend Jade who used to be personal shopper, said we felt like Whitney and Lauren in the Hills when they worked for Teen Vogue. We said in stressful times we’d look at pictures of them and be like ‘ Think Whitney and Lauren.’ Thankfully it all went without a hitch, no one fell down the escalator and I didn’t swear when I was doing my presenting. Phew.

Work has quietened down a little, but it’s still pretty busy. It’s wedding season so my days are mostly filled with helping Mother of the Bride’s find outfits. And our hard work paid off as Jade and I won Employee’s of the month.. hoorah. Team Whitney and Lauren!

A little snap shot into what’s been going on the past few weeks.. Presenting the fashion show, My new life motto, our new lovely bed, work outfits 1,2 and 3. My girls Emily and Liza, night out outfits.. drunken toilet and bar posing. A jaunt to the Isle of Wight, A sneak peek at my bathroom, feeling like it was Christmas when I went to the post office, I went to a exclusive Benefit event and finally soaking up the rays! 

With work out of the way I have also been busy with moving house!! I have become a proper grown up and moved into a house. Yes that’s right. We said goodbye to our cosy albeit mould ridden flat with a lush sea view, into a new house which has a gate, garden and two bathrooms. I keep walking up and down the stairs thinking… I LIVE IN A HOUSE. I thought it would make me a grown up but I do still giggle at the word willy. It is so nice having extra space, I have a blogging/make up room, which I’m almost finished decorating and the house is looking really lovely. It’s also so nice having a proper garden, I’ve been making the most of this sunny weather by sunbathing in it. Hopefully me and the boy will be very happy in our new house together.

So what else is new? Not much else really, we managed to get One Direction tickets! Yeah boi! A year today I go see them and we have VIP seats.. Harry I’m coming for ya! Everyone at work has said they better have extra security on that day! Hahaha. I’ve also joined a gym.. don’t know if I’ve told you that already but yeah.. I’m getting into it you know. I’m aiming for a body like Lucy Meck from Towie who is a complete hottie. If I looked like her, I’d be a happy lady. I’ve also managed to learn the Nicki Minaj rap in Justin Bieber’s Beauty and a Beat song.. This is how I’ve filled my time whilst we didn’t have Internet in the new house. The Internet is still a bit hit and miss, but I’ve got loads to blog about so hopefully everything will get back to normal pretty darn soon.

How are things with you all? I hope you’ve not been as stressed as me, and you have also been loving this sunshine. Newsflash.. I’ve got a real tan. Dun de duh. Okay well I’m off now, but have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back soon. Ta Ta.


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