Style in Chelsea

Okay so it’s no secret that I LOVE Made in Chelsea. Yes so much I just used caps locks for the word love. I took a while to get used to the posh accents and the funny names, but two years on I am well and truly hooked. You all know I’m team Millie, but to be fair anything with Made in Chelsea I am all over. So can you imagine my excitement when I was invited to join in with a web chat with Caggie and Rosie? I almost fell of my chair that’s what. Lacoste UK held a Google Hangout for myself, four other bloggers; Marleigh, Claire, Demi and Rachael and of course Caggie and Rosie.

There was a few technical difficulties, Rosie had to be on speakerphone but it was very strange being face to face with Caggie.. I was like aaah. We had a chat about fashion, beauty and then Rosie told us about her involvement with looking after you skin with SPF and skin cancer awareness. The chat was a very surreal experience, we all decided that Spencer was the worst dressed MIC person and I very cringily made a comment about how I wasn’t cool enough for leather trousers cause I’d be like Ross from Friends. Sometimes I just shouldn’t talk.

It was really cool though and after Rosie tweeted me saying she liked my blog. Amazing. Week made right there. let’s hope the producers noted my attempted posh accent and maybe I’ll be in the next season! Haha I wish! Do check out Lacoste, as they’ve got some gorgeous womenswear items on there at the moment. I’m making a gym wishlist!