What’s in my handbag.. the blog edition..

Oh hey!

The what’s in my bag tag is a very popular video amongst beauty and fashion bloggers on youtube. In fact I have probably done about three or four of them myself. With every new handbag you buy, a new what’s in my bag tag video must be filmed. It’s the law dontcha know? Whilst I haven’t got round to filming one yet, I’d thought I’d do a blog version instead. I know not everyone is a fan of youtube and well this way means you don’t have to hear my rather annoying voice. My new bag/baby is the mini bowling bag with zips from Zara. Probably my number one place to buy handbags, I usually find them to be a bit different to the other handbags out there and have a bit more of a designer edge to them than other high street stores. I love my city bag don’t get me wrong, but you know it’s time to take a break from it when it starts to give you a bad back. Carrying the city bag was like a little workout, look out Popeye, my arms may beat yours soon. So a new bag was on the horizon and this little neon lime number caught my eye.

Sadly my Zara bag has sold out online, however check local stores as they may still have some 🙂

I do love a bit of neon, it looks great with a tan. So I thought a lime handbag would be great for summer, it’s bright, lighter but still big enough to fit my sandwiches in. So what else have I got in there? Let’s have a little look..

From Left To right….

  •  My purse: Cath Kidston It’s usually full of receipts, cards and no actual money. 
  • Sunglasses: Topshop, for hiding my eyes from the sun..
  • Kit Kat: essential for mid morning snacks and in case of getting stuck on a train
  • Chewing gum: in case you ever see Harry Styles on the street
  • Make Up Bag: Marks & Spencer, to see what’s in my emergency make up bag click here…
  • Hand Sanitiser: To get rid of germs whilst you’re out and about
  • Tangle Teezer: to sort out my mane throughout the day
  • Umbrella: Cath Kidston, this one time I went out without a umbrella, it rained and it was awful
  • Lip Products: YSL Rouge Volupte in Peach Passion, my current lip colour of choice and No.7 BB Lips in Coral Blush to pop over the top. 
  • Ipod Nano: my most played song is a Justin Bieber one. Enough said. 
  • Things I forgot to picture: 
  • My phone
  • Rape Alarm ( better to be safe than sorry)
  • Hair bands
  • Paracetamol
  • Pens 

So that’s what’s in my bag, holds quite a lot doesn’t it? I do love my new Zara bag, the colour brightens up any boring outfits and it’s so much lighter!! I will no longer look like Quasi Modo when I am a old lady! Hooray. What do you carry round with you every day? As much as me or even more? I hope you’re all well and have had a good weekend, guess what? It’s my birthday tomorrow!! Yeah buddy. I’m going to be the grand old age of 22!! I’m excited though, I had a good birthday night out, drank too many jagerbombs though.. oh dear. I hope you’re all great and if it’s your birthday too tomorrow, then happy birthday, birthday twin!! 


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