O M Actual G


Yesterday was like any old boring Monday. I was at work, wishing I was in my garden sunbathing (it’s an actual crime to be working when the weather is this good) but then something happened that made my day a lot, lot, lot better. So if you write a blog or just read blogs, you’ve probably heard about the Cosmo Blog Awards. I was shortlisted back in 2011, and it made my actual year. But with so many amazing blogs around at the moment, I didn’t expect to really stand a chance again. So you can imagine my surprise when yesterday I found out that I have been shortlisted!! Crazzzy. My blog has been shortlisted in the Established Beauty Blog category and then my Youtube channel has in the Beauty Vlog section. Can you actually believe that? I know I can’t.

Vote in the Cosmo Blog Awards Here..

I know that you’re probably already sick of tweets/blog posts about the Cosmo Blog Awards, and although awards are not everything, it is nice to get a little recognition. If you write a blog too, you’ll know how blooming hard it can be. The past year has been a struggle, adjusting to full time work and finding time to blog and create new content. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I’ve felt like throwing in the towel shouting ” I DON’T WANT TO WRITE ABOUT LIPSTICK ANYMORE!” But I’m sure we all get days like that and then we’re back to normal writing 6000 words about a peach blush.

So if you enjoy my blog, or watch my youtube videos and don’t find my voice too annoying.. You can vote for them here.. or you can check the link out at the other amazing nominees. So thank you, to anyone who voted.. and to all of you for sticking around and watching and reading. Okay enough of the soppiness now. I’ll be back soon, with my usual make up waffle.