Doing a Miranda

So I may of expressed my love for Miranda Kerr last week. I have fell over heels with her style and she has even earned herself a place in my top five style icons. High praise indeed. High five Miranda. Sadly I will never have her super model looks or legs, but I can have her clothes. Okay that sounded a bit creepy. I promise it is not. What I mean is thankfully for us mere mortals, Miranda wears a lot of high street clothes, meaning we get copy her look without having to pay a fortune. When I saw Miranda in this daisy cut out dress, I knew I had to have it. It had sold out on Topshop’s website, pretty quickly and I thought that I had missed my chance. However. Topshop released a petite version, and wham bam thank you mam, it was soon winging it’s way to me. Now two things, I was being a dizzy brunette when I ordered this as I hadn’t realised this was the cut out dress, I saw the daisys and pressed order. I did debate whether to keep this dress.. me being a granny Annie, I don’t really do ‘cut out bits’. But I thought hey you’re 22, and if it’s good enough for Mirandz ( that’s her new name) it’s good enough for me. But it’s not to be worn when I’ve eaten a domino’s the night before.

This is my ‘I’ve dropped my keys and don’t know where they are look’ Or my ‘oh hey there’s a Borrower down there’ look. 

Jacket: Primark

Dress: Topshop

Boots: Topshop

I also hadn’t realised until these photos had been taken how short this dress is. I swear IRL this isn’t as short as what it seems! See I told you I was a granny Annie! I’ve teamed it with my new Topshop boots, as like Miranda ankle boots and dresses are my new favourite thing and thrown on a denim jacket over the top too. I do love this dress, I think it was a little over priced * thankfully I had a Topshop voucher* but I do still love it. I’m going to wear a black cami underneath if I wear it to work or when the weather gets chillier. But for now, I am being brave and bearing the flesh.

So maybe it’s time for me to step away from the floral dresses. I think this is the third I have blogged about in two weeks. Obsessed? Moi. Never. I also have become increasingly obsessed with Pinterest. My boards are mainly filled with pictures of Miranda Kerr but hey if that floats your boat, you can find my profile here. Right I’m now off to lower the hem on that dress *kidding* and more pinning.