Getting Dotty with Bourjois

My sister was blessed with the nail art skills of the family. She could easily work for Wah! Nails with the creations she does, check out her instagram if you like nail art. Me on the other hand (ha see what I did there) is a different story. Cack and heavy handed, nail art usually ends up looking like a mess instead of art on my nails. The amount of times that my boyfriend has looked at my nails and said ‘what is that supposed be?’ Rude eh? But come on, when I was at school, my friends used to tell me off for wearing down their colouring pencils cause I was too heavy handed, I was never going to be amazing at dainty nail art. Btw that is what a pencil sharpener is for.. Luckily for me and other nail art noobs, Bourjois have come to our rescue with their new dotting tool.

The double ended tool, makes nail art that bit easier. You can create dots, flowers, and well whatever you fancy with this nifty tool. The double ends means that you have a side for small dots and a bigger one for you guessed it bigger dots. It’s super easy to use, simply paint your nails with a base colour, then create a palette to put your dot colour into, I took a nail of a nail wheel and used that as a make shift palette. Then cover the end of the dotting tool, I find you need quite a lot of product to create even dots. Then dot away and ta da!

I think it’s a great little tool as you can get quite creative and do all sorts of nail art and it takes about ten seconds to do each nail, so it’s quick too! No more hunching over your nails doing nail art for a hour! You can buy the Bourjois Nail dotting tool from online stores such as ASOS, Selfridges, Amazon and I have found that it’s currently out of stock at time of writing this post on ASOS and Selfridges, but it may be back in store by now! It’s priced at £3.99 which is a bargain! A definite new favourite in my nail collection 🙂