Luxury Wishlist…

With a big Euro Millions draw the other night, it had me wondering what I’d do if I did in fact win the lottery. Of course, sensible things such as buying a house, setting up a business and passing my driving test would take main priority, but I also think a shopping spree would be on the cards too. Letting my mind wonder, I’ve picked a few luxury items, that I’ve been coveting lately, that I’d definitely add to my basket if money was no object..

wishlist july

Bikini: Figleaves 
Essie Nail Polish: Superdrug
Bag: Cambridge Satchel 
Rings: Pandora
Cleanser: Clinique Take The Day Off

With my girl crush on Kate Middleton in full force, I have found myself googling ‘what products does Kate Middleton use?’ Word on the street she loves the Essie shade Allure, a creamy pink shade, that definitely looks like princess nail polish colour. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be adding that one to my basket next time I’m in town..lottery win or not.

I know that I have just been on my holidays, but this doesn’t stop me looking at bikini’s. figleaves have got some gorgeous ranges this summer, I love this hello sailor one from Freya. It’s really cute and would be a great supportive bikini to wear at a waterpark!

I’ve been getting more into shoulder bags lately, I was starting to get handbag elbow ‘ a condition where your elbow feels limp and looks red’ diagnosed by Dr.Corrie. I’ve always coveted a Cambridge Satchel and this pastel blue one is almost making me make the jump and buy one… do I.. don’t I? 

Last week when shopping with my Mum and sister we stopped by Pandora to have a nosey as you do. I fell in love with their birthstone rings, typically my birthstone is a murky grey colour. I love the turquoise one and baby pink. Layered together they would look really cute. If money was no object, I’d probably have one on every finger. 

Finally I need to revamp my skincare, my skin is easily the worst it’s been in a long time. I was trying to skimp on skincare, but sadly my skin has expensive taste. I’ve decided that money is not wasted on your skin, so I’m eager to try this Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm. It’s a good £15 cheaper than Emma Hardie and has 25ml more so it seems a good buy. It also has Caroline Hirons seal of approval. Enough said. 

So there we have some of my current wants, what’s on your wishlist right now?

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