My favourite summer dewy foundations

I realised the other day, that I’d totally forgotten that it was still summer outside! The weather seems to have cooled down and my holiday tan is fading. I’ve been adding boots, coats and jumpers to my shopping baskets and even thought about Christmas the other day. Om actual G, this needs to stop right now. So to get me back in the summery mood, as I may as well make the most of what’s left of it.. I thought I’d write about my favourite summer foundations. This year has seen the UK actually have summer, and when it’s hot and clammy outside, the last thing you want is loads of heavy make up. I have been going for the glowy/dewy look using foundations that have been light and let my skin breathe. When I realised that my current favourite foundations are all high end, I have also included my favourite drugstore ones too. Oh I’m good to you lot 😉 Also please note that I have combination skin, which can get shiny through the day and I also suffer from breakouts.

The High End Versions

MAC Face & Body

This foundation has been on my radar for a long time, it’s used by many celebrities and is very well hyped up by many beauty bloggers and vloggers. I don’t live near a MAC so I never wanted to risk ordering the wrong colour online, though I have always been tempted by F&B. However when I went to the MAC Covent Garden event a while ago, Laura & Milly were telling me how much they loved the foundation and before you knew it, i was getting colour matched. C3 is my colour, and I got the 120ml version, so I’m thinking this foundation will probably last me a very long time. The foundation itself is light, and quite watery, you can build it up to make it a higher coverage, but I usually use just the one layer for a light dewy base. The finish is dewy and it feels nice and light on your skin. It also has no SPF so great for night time and photos, but not great for the day. I can definitely see why the likes of The Saturdays and Caroline Flack love it so much! 

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation

Ooh this foundation has been a favourite of mine for almost a year, in fact this is my second bottle of the stuff! High five YSL. This foundation is great for adding a glow to your skin. Some days my skin can look duller than a documentary on how to grow grass, so this foundation is great for adding some life back into my face. It has a higher coverage than MAC’s Face & Body, so I would say it’s medium coverage. It lasts all day and the colour ranges are fab, I am the colour B50 if anyone wants to know. I am a huge fan of this foundation and right now this is my number 1. foundation. High praise indeed. Also two of my girl crushes use this foundation; Millie Mackintosh and Eleanor Calder. 

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moistruiser

This tinted moisturiser is great for really hot days, when you just want something light on your face. Lightweight and glowy this is one of the most perfect companions for your summer make up bag. With a oil free version for oily skinned girls like myself, it’s great to have a lightweight foundation without having to look too oily and shiny. Relatively low coverage, which is expected with a tinted moisturiser. Definitely a thumbs up from me. 

The DrugStore Versions.. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

A drugstore favourite of mine, at under £10.00 it’s a great way to get a dewy glow without expanding those purse strings too much! So the fruity apricot smell may not be for everyone. I find it to smell a bit like a yogurt, so if you’re skin is sensitive to fragranced products, give this one a miss. The finish is glowy and the coverage is medium. The shades aren’t amazing, I am a 54/55 for reference. It awakens your skin and gives it a nice radiant look. Not bad for a budget option.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Another slightly cult drugstore foundation, this foundation is specially for waking up for your skin. It has a anti fatigue effect meaning it boosts your dull, tired skin giving it a awake and radiant look. It has little glitter particles in, which are very subtle but in some sunlight you can slightly look like a member of the Cullen family. All in all, it’s great for you giving you a radiant glow, it boosts your skin and is a great pick me up foundation. The shades aren’t great if your pale, I have got the shade 103 True Ivory, I think we can all agree that you can’t really describe me as ivory!

The Body Shop BB Cream

A low coverage BB cream, that is great for good skin days. It comes out as a white pearly liquid but then once blended in adapts to your skin tone. Clever eh? It’s light and very low coverage, but like I said perfect for the days when you’ve got a great tan and clear skin. It’s lightweight and perfect for hot clammy days. I’d say this is a great foundation to pack in your holiday suitcase. I have the shade medium.

So there we have my favourite summery dewy foundations, I do have to powder throughout the day with all of these, but that’s what I expect when I have oily skin and I’m using dewy foundations! What’s your favourite foundation to fake a glow?