One dress.. three ways to wear..

I do love finding niche fashion shops online, as much as I love Topshop, Zara and Primark, too often have I seen other people wearing the same thing. Of course it’s not the end of the world, but sometimes on a night out, you don’t want someone rocking up in the same outfit. So for special occasions I like to get outfits from places that not be as well known… though I’m writing this and realising that I’m about to give a pretty good website away.. ah well. I chose a dress from Miss Patina at Little Black Dress , who specialise in selling evening and party dresses from lots of different brands. There’s dresses for all budgets and of course day dresses too! They sell many celebrity inspired dresses and even Caroline Flack has wore some of the brands from Little Black Dress.

Dress: Miss Patina @ Little Black Dress*

Outfit 1: 

Jacket : Primark 

Sunnies: My boyfriend’s from some little shop in Egypt. 

Sandals: Steve Madden 

Outfit 2:

Blazer: Primark

Shoes: Primark 

Outfit 3: 

Jacket Warehouse*

Hat: H&M

Boots: Topshop

This Miss Patina dress is a navy peter pan collar dress which is right up my street, it’s really wearable and I thought I would show you three ways that I’ve been styling this dress. I’ve been wearing this dress for three different occasions, every day, work wear and then for a meal in the evening/out to a concert. As I always struggle how to wear items for these occasions. First of all for daytime, I’ve been digging my denim jacket out again, I find that a denim jacket is great for throwing over dresses to make them more casual, paired with sunnies and sandals it’s a great way to dress down a dress for the daytime. Whether it’s shopping, going to the beach or a bbq it’s the perfect way to dress up but down at the same time. Next is work wear, to instantly smarten a dress, throw a blazer over the top. A blazer is my go to work wear, and then some cute pumps to finish the look. With my job meaning I basically run round grabbing clothes for the whole day, flats are my friends. Heels are a no no for me, I wish I could be all glamorous and wear heels, but instead slightly resemble bambi on ice.

Finally we have a more night time outfit, seeing as I don’t go out on the town too often, I’m more likely to go out for a meal/drinks or to a gig rather than ‘clubbing’. So I have teamed this dress with a leather jacket, boots and my bowler hat which I’ve barely taken off lately! I found this dress really easy to wear and style and now I’m eyeing up more dresses from Little Black Dress! Whoops I see a obsession forming!