Summer Hair Heroes

I love Summer, I really do. I also love going on holiday, as well as Christmas it’s the best part of the year. However my hair does not like either of these things. Having long, thick hair, it hates heat, humidity and especially the sea. So when we booked our holiday to Egypt, I knew that I could already hear my hair panicking at the thought of sun, chlorine and salt water. I’ve spent many a holiday, trying (and failing) to get a brush through my hair, and it being so frizzy, you could call me Monica Bing from that Friends Barbados episode. This year, I decided would be different, no frizz or knots would be allowed. We would be leaving them at home. This meant careful hair product choosing, I took a mini V05 shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair with, both were for damaged hair and I found they helped to add a bit of life back into my post sunbathing hair.

But the crucial part is styling, get the wrong product and this is where it can all go very very pear shaped. I took with me Aldi’s Miracle Oil*, a Moroccan oil dupe at £2.99, it always sells out in days whenever Aldi restocks it’s shelves. Due to it’s small size, I thought it was perfect for throwing into my case. I also had a mini L’oreal Elnett hair spray the Supreme Hold version. Yes I did take my rollers with me, but hey I only took two pairs of shoes, so the rollers were allowed. This is the best version of the Elnett range in my opinion. It makes my hair last the longest, after all I didn’t want to trek my rollers all that way for my hair to go flat in thirty seconds. I also ditched the tangle teezer this holiday, shock horror I know. But I’ve been using a new hair brush lately, this Mason and Pearson *brush is great if you’ve got long hair. I find that although it’s a brush, it glides through knots easily and pain free. I also find the longer handle a little easier to use than the tangle teezer. Although the tangle teezer is still frequently used, the Mason and Pearson brush was great for my holiday hair.

For days when I didn’t wash my hair, Bumble & Bumble’s cult Surf Spray* was great for spraying through the lengths on my hair to create beachy waves. I love the smell of this stuff, it smells of holidays! I think it’s a great little product to use for effortless holiday hair, this travel size is also great for packing in your case! When I got back home, it was time to bring out the big guns to really get my hair back in shape. These products kept my hair looking and feeling soft and shiny despite drying 40 degree heat, but some TLC in the form of Macadamia Hair Healing Oil* has helped to get it back to normal. I love this hair oil, it’s thick and a great treatment for frazzled lifeless hair. I always add a ten pence piece size to damp hair and then blow dry my hair. My bottle does leak, so this is why I opted to leave it at home this holiday! I do love trying different hair oils, and I’ve heard that Kate Middleton uses a Shu Uemura one which I’m now tempted to buy. After all anyone who’s hair looks that good 24 hours after giving birth, it’s definitely worth checking out which products they use! My holiday hair styles consisted of messy top knots and plaits for the day time. Then in the evening, I tried a plait for nights when I couldn’t be bothered to use my rollers, loose waves created by rollers and a quiff to get my hair of my face!

What’s your holiday/summer hair heroes? I’m off now to go covet what other hair products that Kate Middleton uses!

*PR Samples