The Lisa Shepherd Express Color Bar..

So with my time these days mostly being spent on Pinterest, it was only a matter  of time before it got to me. My house is looking More ‘pin’ worthy each day and well I was soon craving ombre hair. Dip dye hair has been big for a while now, some say it’s out of fashion but it’s always a look that I have loved and wanted to try. I’ve had a couple of dilly dally’s with home kits, but I decided I wanted it done properly and this had to be done by a professional. Not me armed with a roll of tin foil and peroxide. I decided to book in with the London Lisa Shepherd salon after hearing about their Express Color Bar. With my funds being quite limited these days, it seemed a great option to try dip dye on a budget. Let me explain. The Express color bar is a fast, efficient colour service. You’re done within the hour, if not you get your money back and you dry your hair yourself. There’s six options to choose from Face Framing Lights, six face framing highlights when you can’t justify getting a full head, glossy locks, a all over colour that glossify’s your hair leaving it shiny and silky and Catwalk colour, try a dip dye, or pastel shades. It’s in association with Redken, so all the dyes are Redken.

I went to the salon with Laura, who went for glossy locks. She had her hair dyed to a medium brown to cover her lighter bits. I opted for Catwalk Colour as I wanted in on this dip dye trend. As I have long hair and not had dip dye before, I knew that I probably wouldn’t get my hair done within the hour, so keep this in mind! When we got to the salon we were greeted by Jason who did our hair and we sat at the colour bar which had Ipad’s to surf the Internet on to save our phone battery and were offered drinks as well. We were quite happy chatting, Jason and I decided to go for a subtle dip dye as you can always go lighter and it’s hard to go darker. I had my hair backcombed and foiled and left for 40 minutes for it work it’s magic. Once that time was up, Laura, was well on her way to being almost finished. I had my hair washed and then it was over to the drying bar where there were brushes, products and hair dryers to choose from. I used some Pureolgy oil and started drying away!

Sadly my hair was being a stubborn mule and didn’t really take to the dye. My ends have been lightened a teeny bit, but I definitely want lighter ends to get that real dip dye effect. I think I’ll maybe book back in as a proper colour appointment instead of the express as I think with my hair, it may be a better idea to go and have a proper full colour treatment, as the Color express bar is more of a top up option. Although I am disappointed that my hair isn’t quite ombre just yet, I think the color express bar is a great option for busy girls in the city. You can get your colour refreshed at a budget price within the hour. I’d definitely recommend it, all the staff at Lisa Shepherd London were lovely and I’ll be popping back very soon… as I am determined to join that ombre crew!!

* I did receive a complimentary appointment at the express color bar, but I was not compensated to write this post. As always my opinions remain honest and unbiased 🙂