The sixty second manicure..

We’ve all been there, we look down at our nails before we’re about to go out and realise they’re chipped. It’s one of those arggg moments. Then there’s the question, to either go out with chipped nails or to quickly paint them. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably already running late with a boyfriend looking at his watch and grabbing the keys. Luckily, I think I now have this situation covered for in the future, thanks to some speedy nail products I’ve been trying out lately.

Speedy manicure products.. 

Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish: Turquoise Block *

Jessica Quick Dry Formula 

 The Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish is a polish I’d never tried until recently, they’ve brought out some new fab colours this summer, including a juicy coral and bright red. I’ve got two blue shades, In the Navy a rich cobalt blue and Turquoise Block which is a gorgeous bright turquoise greeny colour. Yep accurate colour description as always there. Something I am loving about these nail polishes is the fact that the brush is nice and wide, wide enough to paint my whole nail in one go. No need for faffing about with your three nail strips. This means the process of painting your nails is so much quicker, it also has a nice thick texture so one coat is enough, finally the polishes have a quick drying formula. Not quite one second but pretty darn quick. Their opaque colours and thick formula mean they also stay chip free for a good few days too, so the last minute nail painting will last throughout your night out.

Ta Da! 

To just make sure your nail colour dries in time before you jump in that taxi, I’ve been popping Seche Vite aside and using Jessica’s Quick Dry polish, it comes with a oil dropper which is quite strange, but one drop per nail is more than enough. The drop covers the whole nail and within seconds the oil had completely disappeared. It is most odd, but before you know or count to three Mississippi your nails are dry. Booom. I have been loving this speedy manicure, it’s even great if you’re not going out anywhere, I hate waiting for my nails to dry so this means I can get on with fidgeting and don’t have to sit still for too long! So there we have it, the sixty second manicure.. well near enough. Now go on get a move on.. the taxi’s here!

*PR Samples