The White Mani

I don’t know why, but there’s something a little bit wrong about white nails. Maybe it’s after a boring maths lesson and painting my nails with tipex and being told off. Who knows, but it’s not a nail look that I’ve really rocked before. However with my current obsession with Pinterest, I came across many photos of white manicures and well I have to say I wanted a piece of the action myself. I decided when pursuing the aisles of Boots, that I would buy a white nail polish. Yes I didn’t even own a white nail polish! This had to be changed sharpish, obviously.

I did want to buy Essie’s Blanc polish, but for two weeks it hasn’t been there! What is going on? Has everyone else gone Pinterest nail crazy? I thought I’d opp for Essie as I like their brushes and formula and with white polish probably being a bit of a b*itch to apply, I thought it would be a safe option. However I wanted a white polish so found this L’oreal Color Richie Polish in the shade 001 Snow in Megeve, with it on offer, at £3.99 it was a definite second option for Essie. When painting my nails later on, I found the formula to be opaque and not streaky at all. It was very easy to apply, and although the brush wasn’t a patch on Essie or Boujois’s it wasn’t half bad! A top coat and speed dry polish later, I was soon admiring my white nails.

It’s not actually as strange as I thought it would be, in fact I am quite liking my white nails. And it makes my hands look super tanned too, which is always a winner! I think I’ve found a new favourite nail look!! What’s your thoughts on white nails? Yay or nay? I think I may be a little addicted to Pinterest, I’m now craving the perfect Pinterest hair and I’m this close (-) to booking a hair appointment to be dip dyed…… please send help.