Through the keyhole.. my blogging room

When I started blogging almost three years ago, I used to sit at our dining table on my boyfriend’s laptop. I’d happily tap away to my heart’s content about nail varnish and didn’t quite ever think it would lead anywhere. To be honest, I thought I’d get bored and give up but low and behold almost three years later. I still tap away about beauty and I still love it. However with my blog, taking up a lot of my spare time, it came to the point when I couldn’t carry on blogging on the bed or on the sofa. So when we moved into a house, my boyfriend very kindly let me have the spare room as my blogging room. A office you could call it and a place to house all my make up. I argued it would give us more room in the bedroom and my back is very thankful for a proper chair. After living in our house for a couple of months, I feel I have got my room looking to how I want it to. There’s still a few bits I’d like but for now, I’m very happy and content with my little room. So I thought it was about time that I finally showed you it…. ready?

The Workspace

I debated for ages about whether to buy a desk or a dressing table, as I did want my room to be a blogging room/dressing room. However with limited space, I knew that having a proper workspace was more important than somewhere to do my make up. So a desk it was, I went for the Micke desk from Ikea. At just £60 it was a bargain but had enough space to hold everything in. It also has loads of workspace for our MAC, flowers, a lamp and even a mirror if I wanted. I’ve got the important bits on my desk, obviously a computer to type away my musings and edit videos, my artificial flowers from Ikea and cute notes from Ikea also. I promise I am not sponsored by Ikea, the place is just like my second home. I also have a blogging notebook from Ikea, which is where I scribble down all my ideas for posts/videos. I’d show you but I’d have to kill you. Jokes. It’s mainly notes like *fave summer foundations* *summer lookbook* etc. I also have my gorgeous perspex lamp* from Out There Interiors  I think it’s perfect for adding a bit of light into my room, but also still looks stylish and keeps with the theme of my room. I really, really love it. 

In the drawers lives Press releases, sweets and products I haven’t reviewed yet. In the cupboard bit is also boxes of suncream, fake tan and nail polish!

Above my desk is my little inspo heart, with fairy lights wrapped around it (Henry’s idea) it has a assortment of pictures, some of me and my family, me and my boyfriend and some of my favourite style icons. Millie Mack and Mollie King are up there as well 1D. There’s also some Cath Kidston prints too. 

The Make Up Storage

To house all my make up I have the Malm dresser from Ikea. One time when I was at Ikea I over heard someone say ‘every house probably has a bit of Malm furniture’ and it’s probably true! I have the four drawer one, and in the first two drawers are all my make up and then hair products and tools. I call them the drawers where the magic happens. Lol. Cringe. The other two drawers house clothes and pyjamas. On the top we have my perfumes, and my essie collection. They’re too pretty to be hidden away. I also have lots of little bits round my room, Lanterns, butterflies, candles and of course a 1D 


Pretty Things

So there is  a little peek into my blogging room! If you watch my Youtube Videos, keep your eyes peeled for my 100th video as you’ll get a more in-depth look at my room/make up collection!! Sneaky Tip: it’ll be going live next weekend!! So I hope you’re all good and had a great weekend 🙂