Ways To Save Those Pennies..

Hello I’m Corrie and I’m a shopaholic. I just can’t help myself and boy oh boy does my purse hate it. I’ve decided that I want to try and be a bit from less frivolous with money, especially as me and my boyfriend are planning a big holiday next year and I do want a puppy at some point…So lately I’ve been looking at ways that I can save myself a bit of money and thought I would share them with you too…

Loyalty Cards..

The likes of loyalty cards are definitely worth signing up for, if you’re like me and spend most of your lunchtimes/wages in the likes of Boots/Superdrug it’s definitely worth picking up one of their loyalty cards. If you’ve already got one, make sure you check out the kiosk at Boots as you can get daily offers, I got some 10% vouchers off things like shampoo which helped to keep the overall cost down! Also if you order things online you can buy stuff online from Treat Street which means you still get Boots points too.. and we all know the more points equals more money to spend. Whoop whoop.

Another great loyalty card type thing is the Ikea Family Card. Ikea has been our second home after moving into our house a couple of months ago and the Family Card always has great offers on. Remember our cool deckchairs we got £10 off just for having the Family Card? Bargains can be had! You also get free hot drinks at the restaurant in the weekdays, so definitely worth picking one up to get some savings 🙂

Sell Your Clothes

I’m forever sorting out my clothes, and deciding to get rid of bags full. I’ve given up with Ebay. The taking pictures, and annoying people who don’t pay and long post office queues have put me off. Luckily I have found Music Magpie. You can sell your clothes, dvd’s and cd’s and have a courier come pick them up for free. I have spent many hours listing clothes and getting some money back for things that were lying under my bed unloved.

Keep your loose change

Another way that I try to save some money is to empty my purse of coppers, and loose change into a money box every now and then. Both me and my boyfriend did this and after about a year of collecting we had about £300 worth for holiday money. Woohooo. We’re going to do the same again this year and hopefully save up for next year’s holiday.

Buy Beauty for Less

Use discount beauty websites such as Beauty Bay, Feel Unique and Cheap Smells. They sell great high end products at a slightly lower price than on the high street. You can usually get codes online making things even cheaper!! Feel Unique is a favourite of mine to get skincare and make up from 🙂 Cheap Smells do Essie at amazing prices.

 So there we have it, some money saving ideas that I have been practising lately! I think if I sell some old clothes, I definitely can allow myself to buy those Topshop boots I’ve been coveting…. Hope you all have a great day 🙂

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