Feel Unique Sale Haul!

Sales are something to get excited about when you’re a bit obsessed with shopping. There’s certain sales that make your heart beat a little bit faster, ready to grab some bargains and one sale I try to not miss is the Feel Unique summer sale. With most products discounted, it’s a great time to pick up some new things to try at a reduced price.So I decided to have a little splurge and stock up on some of my favourite products and of course try some new products! So what did the postman bring….

First of all, I picked up a couple of products that weren’t in the sale. Typical. I’ve been getting in to false lashes again, so I picked up some more of the Millie Mackintosh lashes, I’ve had these before and they’re so soft and easy to wear, I had to get some more. I got the Shoreditch pair which are long and fluffy, and then the Ibiza lashes which come with corner lashes which are my new favourite things btw, and another pair of lashes. I’m definitely going to be wearing a pair of these for the Cosmo Blog Awards in two weeks time!

I also bought some filled eye make up remover and corrector cotton buds, once MAC sold them but now Feel Unique sell some very similar ones. Seeing as I’m a bit cack handed, many mornings end with me smudging mascara all over my bottom lash line, so I thought I’d try them to see if they save me some time in the morning. So far, I’m not sure they’re worth the money, at £3.00 something they weren’t too pricey, but surely just have eye make up remover and cotton buds at hand does just a good a job.

With summer well and truly gone, the tights are getting dug out as we speak. I thought it was only a matter of time before I need to dig the fake tan out. Xen Tan had great discounts and my favourite Moroccan Tan was just £14.99, I just had to get a fresh bottle for Autumn. It’s one of Xen Tan’s darkest tans and smells of coconut. It was my go to fake tan last winter, and I’m sure it will be the same this year too!

Like I said above, Autumn is on it’s way which means soon I’ll be digging out the scarves which means the dreaded knotty, frizzy scarf hair! So after getting a bit bored of hair oils, I’d thought I’d try something new. Tigi’s S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer is something I’ve seen spoke about before on blogs and youtube’s and I thought I’d give it a go. So far so good, it makes my hair feel super soft and smells of strawberry milkshake, what’s not to love?

With a discount on Real Techniques brushes, I thought I’d add a couple of new additions to my collection. So the Real Techniques Setting Brush and Miracle Complexion Sponge, were added. The setting brush is great for applying highlighter, or concealer and miracle complexion sponge is Real Technique’s version of the beauty blender. I’m not a 100% sure on it yet, I don’t think I’ll be ditching my  buffing brush just yet!

So that’s my Feel Unique sale purchases, did you buy anything from the sales? Or were you good and sat on your bank card, like I should of done?