Loving again…Topshop Cream Blushers..

One advantage of having a proper make up collection, is that I can see exactly what make up I have, rather than it being boxed up in drawers. I can see what I haven’t used in a while and it makes me want to use different products! It’s great as I’ve been rediscovering products that I used to love and use all the time. Lately I have been getting back into my Topshop cream blushers. I’m going through a cream blush phase at the moment, I find they can be great when you like a glowy look which you all know that I do. I find cream blushers last longer on my skin and blend really easily. The Topshop cream blushers, are probably one of the best drugstore cream blushers. They are super pigmented, have a cream to powder formula and don’t disturb the rest of your make up. No patchy cheeks here! I have three colours from when I had a little phase of being addicted to Topshop make up. Flush, Neon Rose & Head over Heels are three colours that have all been popular with beauty bloggers over the past couple of years and I have fallen ‘head over heels’ (ha get it?) with them.

Neon Rose, Head Over Heels & Flush

At just £6.00 or £5.40 with student discount, they are a bargain. I have found that lately the stock of the cream blushers has been a bit pants online. So I would check in store rather than ordering them online as they currently only have Flush in stock. The colours that I have are quite similar but also different in their own way. Flush is a bright rosy pink, which is perfect for giving your make up a girly flush. Neon Rose is a very bright coral blush, a little goes a long way, it brightens your make up instantly. Then Head Over Heels is a peachy coral combo, the perfect colour for me and also doubles up as a lovely lip colour too. To apply the blushers I use a stippling brush, I find this is the best way to apply any cream blusher as it stipples the blush in not disturbing any of your other make up. We’ve all had those times when we’ve put cream blush on and had the make up rub off leaving us with very funny looking cheeks. The blushers last all day, even on oily skin like I have and I have to say they are becoming a new every day favourite. I’ve been enjoying paring Flush with a pink lip as a different look opposed to my usual peach combinations.

Flush, Neon Rose & Head Over Heels

So there’s a little flashback from me, if you love your dewy make up, I’d recommend picking up one of these blushers. I have decided I might need to try some more make up from Topshop. Can you believe I don’t own one of their lipsticks? I know right, shocking. Any Topshop make up must haves I need in my collection?