Nailing It with Impulse..

Impulse is a smell that will forever remind me of being a teenager. Getting a new bottle and dousing yourself in it was the thing to do back when you were 14. Teamed with a perfume by Britney Spears, you were irresistible to teenage boys. Well you liked to think so. I do still hold a little light for Impulse sprays, with more grown up smells to choose from, they’re great for throwing in your handbag as a top me up throughout the day. When I heard about the latest collab that Impulse have created, I was super excited as in August, it was revealed that Impulse and Models Own had teamed up for special limited edition packs. Priced at £4.00 you get a full size body spray, models own polish and a 4 way nail buffer and file. The RRP for all three things is £9.00 so you’re saving a whopping £5!

There’s three sets to choose from, Sweet Smile which has key notes of Pear and Jasmine so makes a fruity woody scent which has the colour Coral Reef with it. A zesty almost neon coral, that is perfect for the last of the summer sun we’re having. The models own polishes are slightly smaller than the usual MO size, at 10ml they’re 4ml less than normal. But it’s still a hefty amount to get for such a good price. Next is Very Pink, a unique fruity and floral concoction with roses and grapefruit, it’s sweet with a bit of a punch. With this set you get the colour Gun Grey, a metallic dark charcoal grey, almost black, it’ll be perfect for when Autumn rolls around. Finally we have my favourite of the bunch, Very, Very Pink with notes of Orange and White Wood, it’s subtle and perfect for daytime. With one of my favourite ever Models Own shades in this set, Utopia a off pink/lilac white. Think of it being Essie Fiji’s younger sister. The four way buffers are also incredibly handy, with a side to file, buff, smooth and shine they’re a mini manicure in seconds. I really like these sets and think they’re a great way to try Impulse and some of Models Own most popular shades.

Impulse also set me a challenge, to design and create my own Impulse bottle and nail art to match. Using a inspiration box they sent me and the Models Own colours, I was challenged! The winner of the best designed bottle will win a pair of tickets to LFW, with a ticket for myself and one to giveaway for you guys! I’ve never been to LFW, so I really wanted to enter as I am desperate to go one season! Of course I did kind of forget that I do have the artist skills of a five year old, so please do not laugh too much at my creation. I took inspiration from my current favourite dress from Primark.

A red floral design was what I chose, I used a nail dotting tool, all three models Own colours and then applied some glitter, cause why the heck not and some black lace for some scalloping as that’s something I love at the mo! Yes my bottle does look a little naff, but I think the nails have turned out quite good! So that’s my little entry. The Impulse and Models Own sets are available at Superdrug for £4.00 each!

* Disclaimer: I was sent the Impulse packs for consideration, but I entered the design competition myself. I was not compensated for this post.