New in from 17..

The other day I was on Twitter and I saw 17 tweet about their new collection. I was drawn in straight away, with the new additions. Under eye concealers, CC Creams and glow infusing primers, I was intrigued by these new products and basically stalked the counter in Boots till they were released. Last week I finally managed to get my hands on some new goodies from 17, with a buy one get one half price offer on too, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try some new products. I decided to pick up the Wow! Skin 3 way Highlighter. It can be used a primer, added to your foundation or applied to your cheekbones for a luminous lift. You all know I’m a sucker that is a highlighter or illuminator, so this was right up my street and the product I was most excited to buy. The illuminator itself is a pink/pearly colour which when blended turns into a pearly sheen, it’s in the same family as MAC Strobe Cream or Nars Copacabana illuminator.

I’ve been using this on top of my make up and across my cheekbones and nose to add a bit of glow. I have to say so far I am loving it, no breakouts (unlike Strobe Cream) and it gives a gorgeous glow. When I first swatched it, it seemed really pale when I rubbed it in, so much so Henry says ‘ I think that’s a bit pale for you’ but actually when blended in properly, it just gives you a really nice sheen. It’s perfect for creating that dewy look like Millie Mack wears so well. I’ll keep you posted with this one, I’m going to try it as a primer and in with my foundation and I’ll report back soon. But so far, so good. Has the drugstore finally created a great liquid highlighter? Maybe.

The Wow 3 Way Highlighter..

Extra Fair on the Left & Fair on the right..

I also picked up two concealers from the range, the Stay Time 18 Hour Concealer, is a heavy coverage concealer that slightly reminds me of Nars Creamy Concealer which I have recently been coveting. I picked up the shades Fair and Extra Fair, which aren’t really that pale. Well Extra Fair is, and I’ve been using that under my eyes to brighten up my dark circles. I’ve then been using Fair on any spots/blemishes I have. I have found that the concealer is medium/full coverage, very creamy and blends in very easily and looks very natural. Whilst I find that it needs a couple of applications to cover up a stubborn spot, it’s not a bad concealer and it’s put my Nars Creamy Concealer cravings at bay.. for now. Like I said I haven’t had these products long, but so far I am liking both the concealers and highlighter. I will report back in due course, but if you’re in Boots anytime soon, I’d recommend checking out the 17 stand as you will some find some new gems 🙂

I hope you’re all good and having a great week so far! I have had quite a busy week recently, I passed my theory test last Friday! Whoop, though the fact I got the No through Road and T junction sign mixed up will probably haunt me forever! Next I’m going to get on with my driving, I want to get driving so I can do the important things in life, like visit Primark when I have a day off work and go to Mcdonald’s drive thru. Hope you’re having a great week so far 🙂