Sunday Watching… Who To Watch..

So way back before I started this little blog and my youtube channel, I was already hooked on beauty videos. Pixiwoo were my favourites and I remember the days when Sam would do make up tutorials in a office chair. These days, I seem to go between preferring blogs one month and then youtube the next. At the moment, I cannot get enough of youtube. I am always on it and my days off are usually spent catching up on my favourite videos. I haven’t done a ‘share the love’ post for ages, so I thought I would start September with my current favourites on Youtube. Hopefully you’ll all like them too and find someone new to watch! 🙂

Harry Makes It Up

Harriet is a celebrity make up artist, who I actually met last week when I attended a Remington event. She is super talented and created a grungy smokey eye on me that I loved. She told us she’d just started a Youtube channel so I checked it out when I got home and I love it. I can’t wait to see more videos from her 🙂 

Lo Bosworth

 Lo Bosworth is someone you may recognise… she is of course Lauren Conrad’s BFF from The Hills. Surprisingly when I used to watch the Hills back in the day I never warmed to Lo, however when watching it back I realise how funny she was and her YT videos are so good. Beautifully filmed in her NYC living room and she cracks me up. Ditch Lauren Lo, come be my BFF instead? 

Scared Toast

 Tabitha is someone who I’ve come across quite recently on YT. I love her videos and her dog is really cute. She seems really cool and I love her hair. I’m excited to see more videos from her 🙂 

Hello October

 Suzie is someone I have been watching for ages and of course reading her blog too. But lately I have been really loving her videos. From minimal make up, to amazing OOTD’s I’m steadily developing a girl crush! 


 Lauren is someone who I feel I’ve spoken to on Twitter for ages! I’ve met her IRL life too and she’s super lovely. Her videos are really good and Lauren is so funny. Her account of her first kiss in her ‘First Times’ video made me actually laugh out loud. 

Hannah Maggs

 Hannah is again someone I’ve been watching for quite a while, but lately she’s been updating more which I have been loving. She’s going to be a mummy so has been updating us all with vlogs.If you’re having a baby, I’d recommend watching them as they’re really interesting. She’s definitely prepared me for the future!!  She’s so easy to watch and I’m really enjoying her videos and her recent baby gender reveal video, actually brought a tear to my eye. So sweet. 

Feel Unique

 So one of my favourite online beauty shops have a YT channel hurrah! As well as that, they’ve collaborated with one of my faves Millie Mackintosh for a series of make up videos. You can see how she creates her famous dewy glow and smokey eyes complete with the full list of products. I’ve already made a Millie Make Up shopping list. 

Bobby Glam

 Bobby Glam is a channel I came across by accident.. I found her Made in Chelsea blow dry tutorial and was hooked! She does the most amazing hair tutorials and her videos are filmed amazingly. A new go to for hair looks I think. 

Velvet Ghost

Last but no means least we have Gabriella, I have followed her for a while on Instagram so when she started YT I was very excited to watch her videos. She does lots of make up tutorials which I love and she has pretty good taste in beauty products and clothes. A new favourite of mine 🙂 

Of course I also have a little YT channel too.. so if you haven’t subscribed.. what are you waiting for? I’m just kidding but you can also check my channel out here 🙂

So there we have it, my current favourite watches on Youtube. Who are your favourite youtuber’s? Let me know as I always love finding new people to watch 🙂 Right I’m off now to go watch some more Youtube!