Charlotte Tilbury Make Up Range.. My thoughts..

When famous make up artist Charlotte Tilbury announced she was releasing a make up line, I was very excited. Having been a fan of her youtube channel for a few months, I was excited to see what she would be bringing out. I thought it may be a capsule collection, but she’s gone the whole hog and released a full range that is all truly gorgeous. From Kate Moss inspired eyeliner, nude lipsticks, light infusing foundations and even ‘that’ magic cream. But at £70 a pot, I sadly will have to pass on the magic cream.. one day, one day. I fell in love with a lot of range, it’s very fuss free, very neutral, and you all know me, I’m not exactly a bright make up kinda girl. With some money in my paypal account itching to be spent, I hopped onto the Selfridges website and ordered a couple of products. You know for reviewing purposes obvz 😉

Recently I’ve been getting a bit bored with my eye make up, dare I say it, I’m bored of my Naked palettes. I know, I know, I feel I have sinned. But I don’t know how much more I could take of Half Baked and Smog. So I decided to buy some eye products from the Charlotte Tilbury range. I bought a eyeshadow quad and two colour chameleon pencils. With the range being focused on ten looks, my favourite look was the golden goddess. Bronzey, tan, goldy tones which is so up my street. So I was all over the Golden Goddess palette like a dog on heat. Neutral bronze colours with a pop of glitter? I’m in. The eyeshadow quads, look very similar to the Tom Ford eyeshadow quads but a damn sight cheaper. They are all colour coded, so the colours work harmoniously together and there’s four steps to using them. Prime, Enhance, Smoke and Pop.

The Golden Goddess palette has a light champagne shade to prime, a bronze gold to enhance, a brown dark bronze to smoke and a bronze/gold glitter to pop. Amazingly the glitter is everything you could ever want from a glitter polish. Glides on effortlessly and doesn’t fall out. You needn’t worry about looking like a disco ball, or glitter forming on your top lip so you get a glittery tache. It also lasts all day, I wore the glittery smokey eye to work (cause well not) and it lasted for twelve hours. Christmas party make up I have you sorted!

The colour Chameleon pencils are designed to enhance your eye colour, with day and night shades for each eye colour, you can make your eye colour ‘pop’ with these creamy pigmented eye pencils. I went for the shades Golden Quartz which is for Hazel eyes, but sometimes my eyes can look quite hazel so I thought I could justify this pretty pencil, which is a dark gold with flecks of olive green and bronze and glitter.

I then got Dark Pearl, the daytime shade for brown eyes, a taupe shade with hints of purple, perfecting for making your brown eyes look a little like melting chocolate. The pencils are pigmented, creamy, easy to blend and last all day! I mean all day. Swatch these on your hand and you’re practically tattooed with them.  Pictures of the pencils used on the eye, will follow soon! Whilst the Charlotte Tilbury range isn’t cheap, it’s good. The products I bought are beautiful. Pigmented, last all day and are high quality. I can’t get enough of them and I can’t decide which ones to use in the morning! So thank you Charlotte, you have got me out of my eyeshadow rut. Soz Naked palettes.. you have been relegated. Have you tried any of Charlotte’s range? What are your favourites?