Ten Mins with Sam & Billie from TOWIE

So I’ve been a big fan of The Only Way Is Essex for a good while now, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine and I’m sure it’s yours too (go on just admit it!) I love the make up, and the glamorous girls. You all know I have a girl crush on Lucy,so when I was invited to interview Sam and Billie Faiers, I jumped at the chance with a stick. West Quay in Southampton, held one of their legendary Student Lock In events on Thursday evening. If you’re not sure what one is, it’s a event for one night only where retailers offer student discount. Most places give out 20% discount and there’s loads going on. It was always a important event in my diary when I was a student. Sam and Billie’s boutique Minnie’s have a pop up store, that they travel the country with and they brought it to Southampton for the lock in.

Sam & Billie 

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So West Quay invited me down to have a chat with the girls, and seeing as I have never interviewed anyone in my life before, I put it to Twitter what I should ask the Faiers sisters, seeing as the only question I had written down was ‘what’s your favourite cheese?’ A lot of you wanted beauty questions answered, so I came up with a list determined to find out the make up that has the Towie stamp of approval. So want to know what I asked?

I was led into a room where Sam and Billie were getting ready, they are incredibly pretty, tiny and very tanned! I did feel a bit like quasi modo next to them!


I asked a few fashion questions and then the majority were beauty related. I asked Billie whilst Sam was getting dressed, what her favourite high street shop was. She said she loved Zara the most, but also loves ASOS, Topshop and River Island but her ultimate favourite is Zara. When I asked her what her favourite item from their boutique Minnie’s was this Autumn, Billie described a Mink Pink jumper, which is soft and fluffy. She said she loves it cause you can wear it with so many different things, boots, leggings, jeans and it’s really warm for winter. I then asked her, her favourite trend for A/W, she told me she’s loving Tartan ( me too Billie I exclaimed!) She’s added some tartan skirts to her wardrobe, she loves patent, especially boots and leather look pencil skirts. I asked both Sam (once she’d got dressed) and Billie who their Style Icons were, Billie said Olivia Palmero and Sam’s was Blake Lively. Girls after my own heart there



 Billie’s make up.. I spot a Naked palette, Bobbi Brown shimmer brick maybe..lots of MAC! 

 So the first thing I spied was Billie’s make up bag sprawled out on a table, which I managed to take a picture of. I’m sure Billie thought I was a bit odd, but I knew you guys would love to see what was in there! With the girls literally just jetted in from Vegas where they were filming a special The Only Way Is Vegas episode, I asked their Vegas beauty essentials. Seeing as the weather was so hot, they told me they hardly got to sunbathe and enjoy the weather as they were always filming. I heard them say ‘that’s why we’re not very tanned!’ Billie said she loved using Origins Ginzing moisturiser under her eyes to give them a boost, she also loves the name ginzing! They also swore by primers, Sam is loving Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm and Billie loves Smashbox’s Photoready primer.

Loads of you asked me to ask the girls, what foundation they wear as they always have perfect skin. They both are loving the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation, Billie said the coverage is great and is perfect for nights out. Of course Essex girls are known for their tan, I needed to know their favourite fake tan’s. Sam loves Fake Bake and Billie loves Vita Liberata for the body and then Fake Bake airbrush for her face. I asked them what was the one make up item they couldn’t live without, Sam loves her Chanel eyeliner pen, and Billie loves her Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer, she said when you’ve got a tan you could just wear that on it’s own and it’s great for covering spots. The final question I asked them was what was their best beauty tip, Billie’s was to moisturise before make up and drink loads of water, Sam said moisturising the body after showering is a must, and they both said using a primer to help make up last.

So with that, my time was up. I felt a little like Hugh Grant in Notting Hill, when he pretends he’s from Horse and Hound interviewing celebs. Hopefully I wasn’t too cringe, and I doubt Jeremy Paxman needs to worry about his job anytime soon. Sadly I had to dash off after my chat with the girls so couldn’t wait around for the photo call with them, I don’t know about you, but I am even more excited for TOWIV now.. and I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about Sam and Billie’s make up favourites!! Thankfully I resisted to urge to ask the girls whether they were Babybel girls. They also announced whilst I was there, that they’re bringing the Minnie’s pop up boutique back to Southampton on 30th November/1st December so if your a Sam and Billie fan you know when to head down! See you soon 🙂