Autumn Beauty Shake Up

I do always love the start of autumn.  I always do a bit of a sigh of relief that
summer has come to an end and I can dig out the fleecy pjs, and start feeling its
okay to stay in on a Saturday for a cosy night. Of course like the start of
summer, a beauty shake up happens when the leaves start to fall. I always get a
few new products, to just prep my way into autumn. Body, nails and hair, they
all need the Autumn Beauty Shake Up.

With my summer tan fading, it’s time to dig out the fake tan
and start the prep for fake tan. My skin always feels a bit dry after a summer
of sunbathing, so I dig out one of my favourite exfoliators, Soap and Glory’sBreakfast Scrub* not only does it smell good enough to eat ( believe me I have
been tempted) but it also buffs away any dead, dull skin ready for me to slather
on the tan. My tan of choice is Xen Tan’s Moroccan Tan, a tan I discovered last
year and have loved it ever since. It smells of coconut people! It’s also
really dark, lasts a good week and looks natural! I picked mine up in the Feel
Unique summer sale, but at £19.99 normal price, it’s a pretty good price for
one of the best fake tans around.

For my face I have been trying out the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanner for the face, I got this for my birthday and seeing as this summer was surprisingly sunny, I haven’t needed it till now. It’s great for smoothing out pores and lines but gives you a caramel hue to your face. Great for adding some much needed colour in these dreary autumn mornings. To keep my tan even longer than the usual five days you get with Xen Tan, I have been using a moisturiser twice a day. The autumn always leaves my skin a bit thirsty so a good moisturiser such as this Nivea Soft* moisturiser  I have been using, has been great for leaving my skin feeling soft and making sure my tan stays. 

With my summer tan revamped *cough cough* I move onto hair.
My hair always feels frazzled after the summer, it hates holidays, sea water
and sun are not BFF’s with my hair. So I always go into autumn ready for some
deep conditioning. My hair always goes really light in the summer, so with
Autumn approaching I always get a semi-permanent rich brown hair dye to put on
to darken it a little and added some much needed gloss. I like using a semi-permanent
dye as it’s not harmful to your hair and adds a boost and lift to your hair. I
like the L’Oreal Casting Crème gloss dyes as they always leave your hair nice
and shiny.

Of course it wouldn’t be an autumn beauty shake up without
adding a bit of autumnal colour would it? I always like to buy a new autumnal
nail polish around this time of year, I got a Topshop one called Bomber as I’ve never tried a
topshop nail polish before, and I thought the colour was really rich and deep.
The colour lasted on my nails for about three/four days without chips so that
was pretty good going!

So that’s me all prepped for autumn, tan topped up, glossy
locks and berry nails, my autumn beauty shake up is complete. How do you
prepare for the changing seasons?