Blogger Outtakes

When you read blog’s it’s easy to think that bloggers are perfect. From their perfect hair, flawless make up and immaculate outfits. With a photo background looking like something from Made in Chelsea, it can leave you feeling like a little like a rubbish blogger, a slob and that your outfit photo’s are carefully arranged to miss out the dog poo. Whilst I was looking at my photo library I came across some funny not so perfect photo’s. I also have been thinking lately about funny blogger scenarios that I’m sure don’t just happen to me….

1. They always say never work with animals

2. No matter how many outfit posts you do.. you’ll never be ready for the first picture..

3. You think you can channel The Londoner.. the photos suggest otherwise.  ( and you can’t even take a photo in focus)

4. The boyfriend photobomb

5. Let me introduce you to the claw hand.. the way of holding up products for a Youtube thumbnail

6. Let’s try to put the products in a beauty box to save the claw hand… erm no that looks crap too. 

7. It’s alright if your swatches are a bit dodgy.. (how do you photograph your arm like this?!) 

8. It’s awkward when you take outfit photos with your flies undone. 

& The rest…

  •  it’s okay to have chipped nails sometimes 
  • It’s totally normal if you have a sneaky tache that pops out for lipstick photos 
  •  It’s alright to not be able to afford to spend all your money in Space NK
  • It’s cool if you don’t own the Ikea Malm dresser
  •  It’s acceptable  to have a dozen neutral eye palettes
  • I won’t unfollow your instagram if you don’t take a photo of your food (does anyone else feel funny about people seeing what they eat?) 
  •  It’s okay to cringe when someone calls their blog a website. come on. 
  •  It’s fine to only use one cleanser, and one toner. 
  •  Charlie from Busted is your doppelganger when you’re in-between eyebrow threading appointments. 
  •  I won’t unfollow your blog if you don’t blog every day. Or make youtube videos twice a week. 
  • It’s not weird at all when you name drop bloggers in conversations using their blog name not their actual real name. 
  • It’s a perfectly reasonable excuse to buy new clothes just so you have content for a haul video/post. 
  •  It’s fine to only tidy up a section of your bedroom so you have a tidy backdrop for videos/post. The rest looks like a floordrobe. 
  • It’s fine to put a nice top on for videos/posts and wear pyjamas on your bottom. 
  •  It’s fine to enjoy Mcdonalds rather than posh burger joints. 
  •  It’s perfectly normal to feel like a royal tit when you try to vlog in public. 
  • Your not a beauty fraud if you don’t get excited about the latest MAC collection.  
  • Blogging can be taken a bit too seriously sometimes, give yourself a break. Don’t feel you have to do what everyone else is doing. Always write for you and don’t give a monkey’s about anyone else. 

Have a good weekend! What are you okay about? 


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